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Dr Andrea Crampton

Dr Andrea Crampton

Dr Andrea Crampton' s research interests are divided into two strands:- 'wet' research which stems from her background as a parasitologist; and 'dry' research based on her interest in science education. Andrea's research career began with an honors project on the phylongy of cattle ticks, and a PhD on the genetic basis of pesticide resistance in ticks. Research projects since include a US Army funded project exploring the genetic basis of the Anopheles immune response to plasmodium infection (malaria); the genetic basis of human facial characteristics for future forensic uses; and integrated parasite management in sheep. A 'wet' or water research project was a study on rural drinking water quality. Under 'dry' research is her interest in the application of effective technologies in teaching science (Andrea won the international teaching with Sakai Innovation Award in 2009), and an analysis students' use of resources and academics' time

Research Interests

  • Water quality
  • Microbiology and parasitology
  • Science communication
  • Health and environmental literacy

Bachelor of Science (1st class), University of Queensland, 1994
PhD, University of Queensland, 1999

Editorial roles on journals

Associate Editor of Rural Society.

Recent Selected Publications

Peer Reviewed Papers

Ragusa, A.T. & Crampton, A. (2018) Sense of Connection, Identity, and Academic Success in Distance Education: Sociologically Exploring Online Learning Environments. Rural Society, 27 DOI: 10.1080/10371656.2018.1472914

Ragusa, A.T. & Crampton, A. (2017). Environmental campaign awareness, participation, and media visibility, The International Journal of Social Sustainability in Economic, Social & Cultural Contexts, 13: 51-66.

Ragusa, A.T. & Crampton, A. (2017). Online learning: Cheap degrees or educational pluralisation? British Journal of Educational Technology, DOI: 10.111/BJET12489

Crampton, A., Ragusa, A. (2014) Perceived agricultural runoff impact on drinking water.  Journal of Water and Health

Book Chapters

Crampton, A. (2014) Water, An Essential Resource and Potential Health Risk! Rural Perceptions, Awareness and Knowledge of Health Risks in Ragusa, A.T (2014) (Ed.) Rural Lifestyles, Community Well-Being and Social Change: Lessons from Country Australia for Global Citizens, Bentham Science.

Conference Papers

Crampton, A. & Ragusa, A.T. (2018) Creating Environmentally Conscious and Responsive Learners and Organizations: University Education for Global Sustainability Leadership. Presented at the 14th International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic & Social Sustainability, Cairns, Qld. Jan 17-19

Ragusa, A.T. & Campton, A.  (2017) 'Personal transport in regional Australian cities: Documenting practices to inspire socioenvironmental solutions' presented at EcoCity World Summit, Melbourne, July 12-14

Crampton, A. & Ragusa, A.T. (2017) 'Silencing the Birds' presented at Australasian Animal Studies Conference, University of Adelaide, SA July 3-5


A competency tool for organisational leadership in sustainability learning, research and strategic management, Ragusa, A. & Crampton, A. (2015-2017) CSU Green Sustainability Large Grant, $50,000.

Exploring the role of technology in fostering a sense of belonging in students studying by distance. Crampton, A. & Ragusa, A.T. (2014) Office for Learning and Teaching, $50,000

Australian media representation of veganism.  Mastermann-Smith, H., Ragusa, A.T., Laird, S., Crampton, A. (2013-2016)

Internal Grants

A competency tool for organizational leadership in sustainability learning, research and strategic management, Ragusa, A.T. & Crampton, A. 2015 CSU Sustainability Grant application (large grant), $50,000

Completed Projects

Exploring the role of technology in fostering a sense of belonging in students studying by distance, Crampton, A. & Ragusa, A.T. (2014) Office for Learning and Teaching, $50,000

Investigating drinking water quality available to rural Australians in NSW not connected to regulated water.   Crampton, A., Ragusa, A., & Milic, N. (2008-2013) Faculty of Science Seed Grant, ILWS, $2000