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Dr Jenni Greig

Dr Jenni Greig

With a background in psychology, and a broad interest in the way people think and behave, shaping and being shaped by social processes, Jenni has worked for many years as a Research Officer across a variety of research projects.  Her interests lie in designing high quality research, both qualitative and quantitative, to have real-world impacts on people’s lives and further knowledge.

Research Interests

  • Social science research methodology
  • Social impact assessment
  • Regional communities
  • Public and private decision-making

Bachelor of Psychology, Charles Sturt University 2004

Certificate in Applied Statistical Procedures, Australian Consortium for Social and Political Research 2010

PhD, Charles Sturt University 2004

Selected Publications

Peer Reviewed Papers

Morrison, M., Greig, J., Waller, D., McCulloch, R., & Read, D. (2017) Effective communication with difficult to reach landholders. Australasian Journal of Environmental Management, 24: 133-145.

Morrison, M., Greig, J., Read, D.M.Y., Waller, D.S., & McCulloch, R. (2015) Communicating information to difficult-to-reach landholders: perspectives of natural resource management communication practitioners. Australasian Journal of Environmental Management, 22: 315-328.

Morrison, M., Durante, J., Greig, J., Ward, J. & Ozcowski, E. (2012) Segmenting landholders for improving the targeting of Natural Resource Management expenditures. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 55:17-37.

Morrison, M., Ozcowski, E. & Greig, J. (2011) The Primacy of human capital and social capital in influencing landholders’ participation in programs designed to improve environmental outcomes. Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 55: 560-578

Shaw, R., Greig, J., Bone, Z., & Morrison, M. (2011) Mapping the funding and communication practices of aged care services in a regional Australian community. Rural Society, 21: 74-80.


Morrison, M., Durante, J., Greig, J. & Ward, J. (2008) Encouraging Participation in Market Based Instruments and Incentive Programs. Final Report prepared for Land and Water Australia: Canberra.