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Dr Michael Mehmet

Dr Michael Mehmet

Dr Michael Mehmet specialises in social media marketing and public relations communication with NGOs and has consulted to local and international organisation in social media communication and community development. He has consulted, studied and researched cooperatives, such as Fairtrade and Oxfam.

Further, Michael is particularly interested in the way social media posts organises meanings and how communities interact through online discussion, particularly those with contradictory views. Related to community engagement, Michael has also began exploring how human-animal co-existence has been communicated and organized in a digital space. Specifically, Michael has adapted and advanced systemic functional linguistic frameworks to assess attitude and value formation and sharing in social media communication.

Research Interests

  • Social media communication
  • Human-animal co-existence
  • Attitudes and values in social media

Bachelor of Commerce: University of Wollongong, 2002
PhD in Social Media Marketing: University of Wollongong, 2014

Peer Reviewed

Lewis, C. & Mehmet, M. (2019) Does the NPS® reflect consumer sentiment? A qualitative examination of the NPS using a sentiment analysis approach, International Journal of Market Research, 62: 9-17.

Small, F., Mehmet, M. & Miles, M. P. (2019) Applying a causal ambush marketing framework to social media: The ‘Pleasure is Diverse’ campaign and the Australian marriage amendment. Australasian Marketing Journal

Simmons, P & Mehmet, M. (2018) Shark management strategy policy considerations: Community preferences, reasoning and speculations. Marine Policy, 96, 111-119

Mehmet, M., & Simmons, P. (2016) Kangaroo court: An analysis of social media justifications for attitudes to culling, Environmental Communication, DOI: 10.1080/17524032.2016.1220966

Mehmet, M. & Simmons, P. (2016). Kangaroo court: An analysis of social media justifications for attitudes to culling, Environmental Communication, DOI: 10.1080/17524032.2016.1220966

Mehmet, I.M., Clarke, R., and Rossetto, C. (2015) 'Fabric: A social semiotic multimodal account of digital media discussions', European Journal of Marketing (Submitted)

Mehmet, I.M. and Clarke, R. (2015) 'B2B Social Media Semantics: Analysing Multimodal Online Meanings in Marketing Conversations' Industrial Marketing Management (Revised Submission)

Mehmet, I.M, Clarke., R. and Kautz, K (2014), 'Social Media Semantics: Analysing Meanings in Multimodal Online Conversations' Thirty Fifth International Conference on Information Systems, Auckland 2014.

Mehmet, I.M. (2013), 'Social Affordance: The human/technological meeting point for Social Media Marketing' Australia New Zealand Marketing Academic Conference, Auckland 2013.


Simmons, P. & Mehmet, M. (2016) Moral responsibility, economic advantage and the conflation of
interests and attitudes towards kangaroo culling. Presented at the Land Dialogues Conference, CSU, Wagga Wagga, April 13-15.Simmons, P. & Mehmet, M. (2016) Cullers and guardians: Subcultures, attitudes and culling kangaroos. Jurnal Komunikasi, Malaysian Journal of Communication, 32(2).


Simmons, P., & Mehmet, M. (2018) Feeding Frenzy: public accuse the media of deliberately fueling shark fear. The Conversation June 22


Shark Sentiment Study. (2017-2020), Simmons, P., Mehmet, M. NSW Department of Primary Industries, $91,000

A study of influences on preferences, tolerances and thresholds of acceptability for shark management options in NSW. Simmons, P. & Mehmet, M. (2018-2019) NSW Primary Industries – NSW Shark Management Strategy, $50,000 Project details

Assessment of the attitudes of beach and ocean end-users to shark mitigation since trials of SMART Drumlines in NSW. Simmons, P., Mehmet, M.  (2018) NSW DPI, $55,012 Project details

Equally well implementation committee. Roberts, R., Hyde, S., Banks, S., Cobb, L., Burmeister, O., Nayeem, T., Mehmet, M. & Maylea, C. (2017-2019) National Mental Health Commission, $154,160 Project Details

Shark deterrents and detection: Community perceptions, sentiment and preferences for shark management strategies. (2017) Simmons, P., Mehmet, M.  & Clarke, R. (UOW) NSW Shark Management Strategy (SMS) Competitive Annual Grants Program. A collaborative project between CSU (ILWS), UOW and NSW DPI with funding from the NSW Shark Management Strategy (SMS) Competitive Annual Grants Program. Project details

Research Activities

  • CSU Human-Animal Co-Existence Sustainability Grant, led by Associate Professor Peter Simmons
  • UImagine Grant
  • International Workshop in Social Media Semantics (Co-organizer)