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Dr Oliver Villar

Dr Oliver Villar

Dr Oliver Villar is a social scientist with a disciplinary background in politics and sociology. A major part of his research has focused on Latin America, where ecocide has been an unavoidable consequence in the 'war on drugs and terror' paradigm targeting the Andean region in recent decades. In such operations, 'sustainability' has become a voguish platitude by policy makers now shaping security operations in Central America and other conflict zones. Oliver's research interests primarily involve critical security studies from an international political economy perspective. His current research project investigates the subject of imperialism in the 21st century and how great power rivalries contribute to security and conflict in the Western Hemisphere.

Research Interests

  • Political economy
  • Critical security studies
  • Latin America
  • American foreign policy

Bachelor of Arts (Politics/Sociology), University of Western Sydney, 2000
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Politics, University of Western Sydney, 2001
Doctor of Philosophy, Latin American Research Group (LARG), University of Western Sydney, 2008

External Appointments and Memberships

Latin America Social Forum (LASF), Sydney (member);

Latin American House Inc, Sydney Australia

Editorial roles on Journals

Rural Society (Reviewer)

Journal of Labor and Society (LANDS), (Reviewer)

Selected Publications

Peer Reviewed Papers

Antonopoulos, P., Villar, O., Cottle, D., Ahmed, A. (2017) Somalia: Turkey's Pivot to Africa in the Context of Growing Inter-imperialist Rivalries. The Journal of Comparative Politics. July, (Ljubljana) 1-35.

Villar, O. and Cottle, D. (2013) One-Hundred Years of Solitude or Solidarity? Colombia's Forgotten Revolution. A Contracorriente: Journal on Social History and Literature in Latin America. Vol. 10, No. 2 (North Carolina) 167-202.

Villar, O. and Cottle, D. (2011) From La Violencia to the War on Terror: A Re-examination of Colombia's FARC-EP Inside Bolivar's 'Gran Colombia'.  International Journal of Socialist Renewal. November, (Sydney) 1-33.

Book Chapters 

Villar, O. and Cottle D. (2015) FARC in Colombia: 21st Century US Imperialism and Class Warfare. In Ness, I. and Cope, Z. (eds.). The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Imperialism and Anti-imperialism. Palgrave Macmillan, New York.

Villar, O. (2012) Untouchable Compradores? Colombian State Narco-Terrorism and the People's Struggle for National Liberation. In Poynting, S. and Whyte, D. (eds.). Counter-Terrorism and State Political Violence: The 'War on Terror' as Terror. Routledge, New York.

Book Foreward

Villar, O. (2017) Foreword in Antonopoulos, P. & Cottle, D. Syria: The Hegemonic Flashpoint Between Iran and Saudi Arabia, Vij Books, New Delhi


Villar, O. and Cottle, D. (2012) Cocaine, Death Squads, and The War on Terror: U.S. Imperialism and Class Struggle in Colombia. Monthly Review Press, New York.