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Dr Rik Thwaites

Dr Rik Thwaites

Dr Rik Thwaite's interests are eclectic but focus broadly on human aspects of environmental management and conservation. Rik has supervised and undertaken research related to ecotourism, community-based tourism & tourism impacts on communities, including in small mountain communities in Vietnam, Nepal and India, and Indigenous communities in Fiji and East Timor. Rik also has an interest in Australian Indigenous culture and resource management and has engaged in research associated with Indigenous engagement with land management and conservation, & contemporary Indigenous culture.  Rik's research focus includes climate change, particularly rural landholders and their perceptions of, & adaptation responses to, climate change. Rik remains active within the community, engaging in debate over climate change & our responses at local levels, & being a member of numerous committees including being on the board of the Victorian Trust for Nature.

Research Interests

  • Human aspects of environmental management and conservation
  • Australian indigenous culture and resource management

Membership of Advisory Boards and Editorial Panels

Dr Rik Thwaites is on the Indigo Shire Environmental Advisory Committee and board member of the Cape Otway Conservation Ecology Centre.

Peer Reviewed Papers

Stelling, F., Allan, C., & Thwaites, R. (2017) Nature strikes back or nature heals? Can perceptions of regrowth in a post-agricultural landscape in South-eastern Australia be used in management interventions for biodiversity outcomes? Landscape and Urban Planning, 158, 202-210.

Gentle, P., Thwaites, R. (2016) Transhumant pastoralism in the context of socioeconomic and climate change in the mountains of Nepal. Mountain Research and Development 36 (2): 173-182.

Cobbinah, P.B., Black, R. & Thwaites, R. (2015) Ecotourism implementation in the Kakum Conservation Area, Ghana: administrative framework and local community experiences, Journal of Ecotourism,

Book Chapters

Lei, Y., Finalyson, C.M., Thwaites,R. & Shi, G. (2015) A disaster prevention resettlement program in western China as an adaptation to climate change, in Rice, S . & Singer, J. (eds) Global implications of development, disasters and climate change: Responses to displacement from Asia Pacific.(pp 191-204) London:Routledge

Cobbinah, P.B., Thwaites, R. & Black, R.  (2015) Ecotourism as a mechanism for achieving a green economy in developing countries: Experiences from Ghana, In V. Reddy & K. Wilkes (eds.), Tourism in the green economy. (pp. 225-241). London: Routledge.

Roots, J. Millar, J. and Thwaites, R. (2012)  Farming in Rural Amenity Landscapes – maintaining food productivity in a changing environment. In Farmer-Bowers, Q., Higgins, V. and Millar, J. (2012) Food Security in Australia: Challenges and Prospects for the Future. Springer