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Associate Professor Susan Mlcek

Associate Professor Susan Mlcek

Associate Professor Susan Mleck's interests reflect her teaching and learning qualifications and experience, including Andragogy – the science of helping adults to learn. Furthermore, at the heart of her academic practice – in both learning and teaching, and research – lie two influences: the significance of her Indigeneity, and her engagement with Andragogy. From an auto-ethnographical stance, the influence of being Māori-Indigenous with its spiritual and tribal connections, and her ongoing quest to address the 'science of helping adults to learn' [Eduard Lindeman 1927, in Brookfield 1987], is woven through personal pedagogy that privileges inclusive practice which is also about working within a social justice framework of equity, access, participation and rights of people. These ideas serve to highlight the juxtaposition of those strands that Susan upholds at all levels of research, learning and teaching: cultural competence, community development, critical reflection in adult teaching and learning, and curriculum development and delivery.

Research Interests

  • Auto-ethnography
  • Community eco-development
  • Indigenous philosophy, knowledges, theories and  research methods
  • Critical whiteness studies

Bachelor of Adult Education, University of Western Sydney, 1995
Master of Arts, University of Western Sydney, 1997
Master of Commerce, University of Western Sydney, 1999
Doctor of Philosophy, University of Western Sydney, 2008
Bachelor of Social Work, Charles Sturt University, 2010

Strategic Research Areas

  • Environmental Justice and Governance for Social Change

Memberships of Advisory Boards and Panels

A/Prof Mlcek  is a  member of the CSU Indigenous Board of Studies

Peer Reviewed Papers

Mlcek, S., Healy, J. & Bridges, D. (2018) What Does It Mean to Be Part of the Gendered Space/s of Social Work? The International Journal of Civic, Political, and Community Studies. 16: 1-12. doi:10.18848/2327-0047/CGP/v16i01/1-12.

Jones, M., Healy, J., Bridges, D., & Mlcek, S. (2018) Gender Dynamics in Social Work Practice and Education: A Critical Literature Review. Australian Social Work, 72: 62-74.

Mlcek, S., & Ismay, D. (2015) Balanced management in the delivery of community services through information and neighbourhood centres. Accepted for publication – Third Sector Review.

Mlcek, S. (2014) Are we doing enough to develop cross-cultural competencies for social work? British Journal of Social Work [BJSW], 44 (7): 1679-1681. doi: 10.1093/bjsw/bcu127

Mlcek, S., & Pulla, V. (2014) Knowledge building for practice: resilience in social work student engagement. International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change. 1 (4), November 2014.

Mlcek, S. (2013) Are we doing enough to develop cross-cultural competencies for social work? British Journal of Social Work [BJSW] (2013), pp 1-20. doi:10.1093/bjsw/bct044

Book Chapters

Mlcek, S. (2014) Paucity Management in Human Services Delivery in Remote and Rural Communities in Ragusa, A.T (2014) (Ed.) Rural Lifestyles, Community Well-Being and Social Change: Lessons from Country Australia for Global Citizens, Bentham Science.

Mlcek, S., Moorhead, B., Morrissey, J., & Norris, G. (2014) Chapter 1: Communication and learning; two sides of the same coin. In S. Mlcek, B. Moorhead, J. Morrissey, & G. Norris (Compilers), Communication management and beyond, 2nd edition. Frenchs Forest, Australia: Pearson Australia.

Mlcek, S. (2014) Chapter 12: Paucity management in human services delivery in remote and rural communities. In A Ragusa [ed.] Rural lifestyles, community well-being and social change: Lessons from country Australia for global citizens. Bentham Sciences Publishers-Social Sciences Division.


Mlcek, S. (2016) Communities as 'other': Social engineering Indigenous communities. Presented at the Land Dialogues Conference, CSU, Wagga Wagga, April 13-15.