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Associate Professor Valerie Ingham

Associate Professor Valerie Ingham

Fire services, emergency management and community recovery. Val has a strong research interest and involvement in the education of firefighters with a special focus on time-pressured decision making. Her PhD examined the somatic and aesthetic awareness of incident controllers in time pressured decision making. She is a founding member of the Bangladesh Australia Disaster Research Group and her research interests include perceptions of risk and resilience in Bangladeshi and Australian communities, and the tertiary education of Emergency Managers.

Research Interests

  • Fire services, emergency management and community recovery
  • Time-pressured decision making
  • Shared responsibility and community resilience
  • Perceptions of risk and resilience in Bangladeshi and Australian communities

Bachelor of Adult Education, University of Western Sydney, 1999

Master of Education, University of Western Sydney, 2002

Doctor of Philosophy, University of Western Sydney, 2009

External Appointments & Memberships

Dr Val Ingham represents CSU on the NSW-ACT PEN (Promoting Excellence Network) funded by the Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT) (CSU representative 2012/15)

Generic Emergency & Disaster Management Standards (GEDMS) (steering committee member)

Research Committee 39 - The Sociology of Disasters (RC39)

International Sociological Association (member)

International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) (member)

Editorial roles on journals

Associate Editor of Salus Journal

Selected Publications

Peer Reviewed Papers

Islam, R., Ingham, V., Hicks, J. & Kelly, E. (2018) From coping to adaptation: Flooding and the role of local knowledge in Bangladesh. JDisaster Risk Reduction.

Redshaw, S., Ingham, V. & Loftus, S. (2015) Emergency decision making: an exploration of tensions between communities of practice. International Journal of Emergency Management.

Islam, R., Ingham, V., Hicks, J., & Manock, I. (2014) The Changing Role of Women in Resilience, Recovery and Economic Development at the Intersection of Recurrent Disaster: A Case Study from Sirajgang, Bangladesh. Journal of Asian and African Studies

Manock, I., Islam, R., Hicks, J., Sappey, R.B.  & Ingham, V. (2013). Community Response to Frequent Flooding in an Australian Rural Town. Australian Journal of Emergency Management.

Islam, R., Manock, I. Sappey, R. Hicks, J. & Ingham, V., Flooding in Bangladesh and Australia: Applying an Interdisciplinary Model. (2012). International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences 6(8) 81-92. Paper available at

Ingham, V., Hicks, J., Islam, R., Manock, I., & Sappey, R. (2012). An interdisciplinary approach to disaster management, incorporating economics and social psychology. International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences 6(5)93-106. Paper available at

Ingham, V. & Ingham, B. (2010). Effective training of mine rescue personnel: A case study. Australian Journal of Emergency Management. 25(1) 58-63 Paper at

Book Chapters

Ingham, V., Islam, R., Hicks, J. & Burmeister, O. (2020). Issues of Disaster Justice Confronting Local Community Leaders in Disaster Recovery, (Chapter 12, pp 221-238), in Lukasiewicz A. and Baldwin C. (Eds.) Natural Hazards and Disaster Justice: Challenges for Australia and its Neighbours (2020), Palgrave Macmillan; ISBN 978-981-15-0465-5 Link:

Ingham, V. (2014). Multimodal research applied to decision making by incident controllers on the fireground, (Chapter 4), in Barrett E. and Bolt B. (Eds.) Material Inventions: Applying Creative Research (2014), London and New York: I.B. Tauris Co & Ltd.


Redshaw, S., Ingham, V., Harrison, K., & Quigley, T. (2016) BSafe Blue Mountains Sustainable Approaches to Fire and Emergencies A Community Action Model to build resilience, improve preparedness and enhance self-responsibility Research Partners.  pdf

Conference presentations

Ingham, V. & Redshaw, S. (2015) Exploring Community Resilience and Vulnerabilities in the Blue Mountains, presented at SEGRA conference , Bathurst, Oct 19-22 Oct

Ingham, V. (2014). Balancing connections: The fulcrum of art and aesthetics at work. The International Arts in Society Conference, Sapienza University, Rome, June 25-27th.

Ingham, V. (2013). Visual Research Methods Workshop, guest presenter, Wagga Wagga Campus, 4 November.

Ingham V. & Manock, I. (2013). Towards a distinct discipline: Emergency Management, The Australia and New Zealand Disaster and Emergency Management Conference Earth: Fire 7 Rain, Brisbane Mecure Hotel, May 29-31st.

Ingham, V. (2013, Jan 24th). Leadership in non routine situations. Leadership in Crisis: Beyond Command and Control. AEMI: Mt Macedon. Guest presenter. (also 2-4 May, 2012)

Ingham, V. (2012, 10, 11th Oct). Dangerous Discussions: The convergence of fire services, emergency management and tertiary education. Fire NZ, Defining the Future: Standards and Practice.  Rotorua, NZ.

B SAFE - Blue Mountains Sustainable Approaches to Fire and Emergencies - A Community
Action Model Building Resilience, Improving Preparedness and Enhancing Self Responsibility. 
Ingham,V. & Redshaw,S. (2015-2016), Community Resilience Innovation
Program. Total value of project is $88,867 of which $63,847 was administered by CSU. Project details

Community Connections: Older and vulnerable community members – identifying, exploring and addressing community needs within the Blue Mountains, NSW.  Ingham, V. (2013-2014)  Research collaboration between Blue Mountains City Council, Springwood Neighbourhood Centre, Katoomba Neighbourhood Centre and CSU. $40 000 Project details Report PDF

Emergency decision making: commonalities and principles. Loftus, S. & Ingham, V. (2013) CSU $14,662

Strategies to promote community resilience in disaster management: The case of flooding in selected communities in Bangladesh and Australia. Hicks, J., Ingham , V., & Islam, R., Sappey, R., Manock, I. (2010 - 2015) CSU   In 2013 this project was extended to look specifically at the role of women in flooding in Bangladesh. Project details