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Public and Contextual Theology

Strategic Research Centre:
Public and Contextual Theology (PACT)

James Haire
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Centre Website: Public & Contextual Theology (PACT)

A research group in the area of Public and Contextual Theology breaks new ground in the theological scene in Australia. Traditionally theology has been undertaken within a narrow ecclesial environment ignoring the wider contexts. The twin foci of the Research Group - both public and contextual - point to an overriding concern for questions and issues relevant in contemporary society in the Australian setting.

Public theology is concerned with the engagement in dialogue of the received faith tradition with wider social and intellectual concerns of the day. Contextual theology in Australia takes account of our pluralist, multicultural society as it is evidenced in the dispersed population groups of our sparsely populated land. The context created by aboriginal settlement, colonisation and progress to nationhood provides the perspective from which the various strands of theology are drawn upon to provide a unique resource for the tasks of theology today.