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Research Publications Reporting

Research Publications Reporting

As part of University and Government reporting processes you are required to list your research publications on the MyResearch system via our online forms.

Research Outputs Collection (ROC)

The Research Outputs Collection (ROC) is the annual reporting of both traditional and non-traditional research outputs generated by CSU staff and students. It is essential to inform our research planning and support mechanisms and is relevant to:

  • The Employee Development and Review Scheme (EDRS)
  • The inclusion of research outputs data for the purposes of academic promotion
  • External funding proposals: research environment
  • Maintaining profile against the Definition of Research Active
  • Faculty and School Reviews
  • University Research Centre reviews
  • Performance-based funding from DVC RDI including Compacts and Research Centre annual operating budgets
  • The publications component of ERA
  • Meeting the Higher Education Standards Framework requirement for maintaining a system for “accurate and up-to-date recording of the research outputs of staff and research students” (section 4, 4.1)

All of the research outputs that are submitted will be verified to determine whether it meets the criteria for research. Please check the criteria and advice when you are planning to publish to ensure that your work can be included as part of CSU’s research collection.


Submission to the collection can be made electronically via our online forms.

CRO – CSU Research Output

CRO – CSU Research Output is closely linked to the MyResearch data collection as they both use the same information. The publication information that is entered into MyResearch is transferred to CRO. CRO is the ‘public face’ of our research and anyone in the world can access the publication information and full text of the article if it is open access. Please contact for further information on increasing the visibility of your research.

Uploading your Thesis

After finalisation of your thesis, you must submit the digital copy of your thesis to the Charles Sturt University Research Output (CRO) repository as one of the conditions to graduate. Submission of your thesis should be done by completing the online form and attaching an electronic copy of your thesis to the form submission. The Research Outputs team will enter your thesis into the repository and advise the Research Office once this step has been completed. If you have any questions about this please contact the Outputs Team.