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PACT - Public and Contextual Theology

Character Formation, Moral Education and Values in Western Pluralistic Societies

Executive Director of PaCT the Rt Rev’d Professor Stephen Pickard recently attended two roundtable discussions in Heidelberg, Germany as part of a research project on Character Formation, Moral Education and Values in Western Pluralistic Societies.

The four-year international research project is jointly hosted by The Research Centre for International and Interdisciplinary Theology (FIIT) at the University of Heidelberg under the direction of Professor Michael Welker; the School of Law and Religion, Emory University Atlanta and the Public and Contextual Theology research centre, CSU.

The project aims to look at the deep and powerful social systems of law, religion, politics, the academy, education, the family, the market, the media, Health care and defense and identify the realities and potentials of these core social systems to provide moral orientation and character formation in late modern societies.

Professor Pickard was invited to participate in two small working groups on the impact of economics and religion on character formation, ethical education and communication of values in late modern pluralistic societies.

His paper on “Building alternative environments for habitation: challenges and prospects for religion” is available to download here.

Picture: Old Heidelberg: Castle in background and university in old town below