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PACT members present papers at Global Network for Public Theology in South Africa

Ten PACT members recently travelled to South Africa to attend the Global Network for Public Theology (GNPT) triennial conference at Stellenbosch University.

PACT Members in South Afric - described below

Caption: Peter Walker, Clive Pearson, Seforosa Carroll, Katherine Rainger, Brooke Prentis, Geoff Broughton, Mehmet Olzap, Ryan Green, Salih Yucel and Stephen Pickard.

The triennial GNPT Conference held in October was themed 'Democracy and Social Justice in Glocal Contexts' and was attended by about 60 people, including former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams who spoke on 'Ethics, Empathy and Imagination.'

Seven papers were presented from PACT members on following topics:

  • Geoffrey Broughton and Brooke Prentis: Cheap recognition, complacent reconciliation: The politics of postponement in Indigenous justice in Australia
  • Stephen Pickard: Twilight of Compassion: Democracy, Cultural Narcissism and the Gospel of God
  • Seforosa Carroll: Homemaking as redemptive practice
  • Peter Walker: A complicated pas de deux: public theology and the democratic state
  • Katherine Rainger: To Witness a Time of Crisis: an inter-textual reading of the Book of Lamentations with Testimonies from Gaza and Israel
  • Ryan Green: This Body Speaks – The Body, meaning and justice
  • Clive Pearson: Acting Justly in the Anthropocene: Considering the Case for a Christian Social Ethic
  • Ryan Green: This Body Speaks – The Body, meaning and justice

Those papers are now being edited for publication by PACT and you can register your interest in a copy by contacting Peter Walker

The Centre for Public and Contextual Theology was a founding member of the GNPT, which now claims over 30 member institutions world-wide.

The 2019 GNPT Conference will be in Germany, and then Brazil in 2022.