We want our University to be a place of safety and respect

CSU has joined Respect. Now. Always., a sector-wide campaign to prevent sexual assault and sexual harassment.

Our commitment

We are committed to continuing to build safety, respect and inclusion in our communities.

Charles Sturt University has zero tolerance for sexual assault, sexual harassment and any form of inappropriate or illegal sexual behaviour or sexual misconduct.

We will support you and people you know who have been affected by sexual violence.

Sexual assault is a crime. It is not acceptable. It has no place at Charles Sturt.

We have implemented a comprehensive plan to respond to these issues, including training, specialist support and reporting options (including anonymous reporting). We want you to feel empowered and informed about how to act and respond if someone discloses to you and feel supported to report if you experience sexual assault and sexual harassment at Charles Sturt.

Our results

In late 2016, university students from across Australia were invited to complete a landmark survey about their experiences and the prevalence of sexual violence in the higher education sector. The results of this survey, released on 1 August 2017, have helped all universities continue to improve the way we respond to and support students affected by sexual assault and sexual harassment.

Read more about the survey and our results:

Our actions

In the 12 months since the release of the Australian Human Rights Commission, Change the course report, we have implemented a comprehensive plan to address sexual violence.

We have adopted all recommendations from the Australian Human Rights Commission and the Universities Australia 10 Point Plan to ensure we consider all aspects of awareness and prevention, improving support, reviewing progress and training and education in residences.

In summary, since the launch of the Respect. Now. Always. Campaign, we have:

  • Established a Respect. Now. Always. working party to provide ongoing action planning and implementation of the recommendations. The role of this committee was incorporated into the Student Experience Committee in 2020, where the prevention and response to sexual assault and harassment remain important issues for discussion and action.
  • Conducted a review of risk factors for sexual harassment and assault in residential setting, clubs, societies and associations to assess culture, support services including Student Counselling, approaches where an allegation of sexual assault has been made and procedures and responses in residences. It also reviewed support for students not living on campus or studying online, and to clubs, societies and associations.
  • Developed resources for staff on responding to student disclosures.
  • Provided training to staff responding to students in distress and responding to disclosures of sexual violence.
  • Made Consent Matters, an online training module about appropriate behaviour and positive intervention, available to students and staff.
  • Developed and rolled out training to student staff, student leaders and students living in Charles Sturt residences.
  • Ensured all frontline student-facing staff have the opportunity to be trained in responding to disclosures of sexual violence and are provided with information regarding support services and reporting processes to survivors.
  • Established a dedicated phone line (1800 961 991) for students that is operated by trained Charles Sturt counsellors.
  • Established a dedicated sexual assault, hazing and violence counsellor position in 2019.
  • Established an Office for Student Safety and Wellbeing in 2020.

Charles Sturt is committed to continued effort in our response to tackling sexual violence. We have a number of additional initiatives underway and planned into the future.