What consent is

What sexual assault and harassment are

Sexual assault and harassment are any sexual acts without consent. They can include being forced, coerced or tricked into an act or any unwanted behaviours. Sexual assault and harassment can happen to all people from all backgrounds. It is never the victim's fault.

We all have a role to play

Look at what you can do to challenge attitudes that excuse sexual assault and harassment. Some situations and what you can do include:

  • Call out behaviour that normalises sexual harassment. Let someone know they are wrong when they make inappropriate jokes about women or yell sexual innuendo in the street. Talk to your friends - let them know their behaviour is wrong without being confrontational.
  • Challenge people who blame victims. When we blame victims for not protecting themselves, we make them feel it is their fault. This stops people getting help or telling others what happened.
  • Speak out that perpetrators have full responsibility for what they did and their actions.
  • Get informed and be an example of positive sexual behaviours. Learn about how your actions, choices and behaviours can be an agent for positive change.