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 Note: These templates are considered legacy templates that will be replaced by new templates being developed by the Web Strategy Office. 

This website has been built to provide visibility of the information around the development and use of the new responsive website templates.

The Responsive Templates are to provide functionality for layout enhancements of views of websites on a variety of devices such as desktop, tablets and mobile phones.

Responsive example 

The CSU Online environment is an 8 tier-based web structure according to functional differences. These Tiers and their template usage and related styles, can be viewed from the "Tier Examples" tab.



  • Improve the user experience of the online environment through a consistent visual and interface design approach.
  • Save development time by providing standards for design and implementation questions
  • Provide a single source of truth for enforcing corporate design standards and best practice
  • Maintain CSU brand integrity


  • Web co-ordinators, web officers, web curators and web designers
  • Developers, systems architects, programmers
  • Web editors
  • Web management committee
  • Creators of this style guide
  • Modifiers of this style guide
  • Software vendors / participants in CSU Requests for Proposal