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Global Navigation


The Global navigation is for the purpose of providing a truly global source of navigation items that are context independent.

They provide direct, accessible links to main gateways and business critical links from any location on any context.

These links provide users access to gateways and identified business critical areas. These business critical links will be identified by a proven high level of access, relevance to the business or user testing and feedback.

Approval process, escalation and appeals

To get a link added or amendments made to the global navigation bar, a request must be submitted to the Web Management Committee (WMC). The WMC-Operation Sub Committee (WMC-OSC) will look at your request on behalf of the WMC and notify you of the outcome.

To submit a request, please email the following address - and CC to

If you are not happy with the outcome from the WMC-OSC or if the WMC-OSC cannot come to a consensus, the matter will then be escalated to the WMC for further consideration.

Top Level Navigation Items


Is an area that provides links to the CSU Gateways. Key audience groups. (Prospective Student, Current Student, Staff) This link has a dedicated page for the mobile view -  

Current Students

A prominant link for all current student to access the current student website.


Access to


Key web areas for Library. Eg. Public website, for students, Blog etc.


An area dedicated to prospective employees of the university.  


A link to CSU News and University news on a global level for a broad public audience.


Key contact details for the main 3 gateways. Including the staff communications directory search.  


An area to contain information that is commonly requested in regards to the University and its business. It provides this information at the top of the hierarchy for easy access. These areas are proven through analytics, keyword searches, user testing or feedback.


Desktop and Tablet
Fly out menus will appear on hover.

Mobile phones
Menu will be accessed via an icon that expands to display the top level navigation items which are large enough for touch selction.

Look and Feel

The global navigation is included on all responsive template design files, the look and feel is universal across all templates. It is positioned at the very top of every template. A light grey bar that spans the full width of the browser, background colour #FOFOFO with darker grey hover, #D3D3D3. Text colour is dark grey, #3F3F41 and red hover colour, #C81519.