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Tier 7

Partner and affiliate websites are areas that have a relationship to CSU that may be through management, ownership, funding or support arrangements. In some cases Service Level Agreements (SLA) will be made with IT to provide the ongoing support of the website, as it has been deemed, for various reasons, to be advantageous and of benefit to CSU and its online environment. These websites may be hosted internally or externally to CSU. They also may be a joint initiative with other partners and require co-branding.

NWGIC Devel site

Setting up a site

1. Design Files

CSU RWD Tier 7 - Asset #356885 and its customisations.

CSU RWD Tier 7 - Base Customisation - Asset #356886

CSU RWD Tier 7 - Customisation - Leftnav Starting at Top - Asset #630074

CSU RWD Tier 7 - Customisation - Leftnav Start at 2nd Level - Asset #630274

Apply the required design file via the "Settings" screen of the asset or "Site Asset" and cascade as required.

2. Metadata Schema

Apply the metadata schema "Tier 7" - Asset #357011

You can do this from the "Metadata Schema" screen of the asset and cascade as required.

3. Apply the Layout

Ensure the Layout is applied on the "Look up Settings" screen.

Global layout Asset #356952.


3. Setting Metadata Options

Set the metadata options for the asset via the "Metadata" screen. Acquire the locks and scroll down to the "Tier 7" section of the screen.