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Services and Programs

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  • Early Interventionist
  • Occupational Therapy (external provider engaged)
  • Speech Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Squiggle Wiggle and Jump (after school group)
  • MyTime
  • Playconnect

Who can access BECIS services?

Families can access BECIS services through NDIS plans, Medicare subsidised sessions, Private Health Funds or fee payment.

BECIS is a registered provider with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

What do we do at BECIS?

We provide a stimulating, nurturing and secure environment to help children develop the skills needed to maximise their ability to fully participate in our community. Early intervention is designed to meet the specific goals of each family. It can take place individually, in a small group or as part of community activities.

How does BECIS support children and their families?

BECIS Key Workers partner with families to ensure that family life, priorities and choices drive what happens in intervention.     Children learn best in everyday situations with familiar people (ECIA, 2017). We do this by encouraging and supporting everyday learning to naturally build on opportunities for growth and development already being provided within:

  • the home environment;
  • community settings such as playgroups, parks, sports, shopping and special local events;
  • early childhood education and care settings;
  • the classroom and whole school environment.

Malakai and his family

Key Workers, what do they do?

  • Work closely with your full BECIS team, inclusive of early interventionists, speech pathologists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. Your Key Worker may be any member of the BECIS team.
  • Understand children develop within the context of family.
  • Focus on building your family’s confidence, capacity, resilience and quality of life.
  • Target your family’s needs and goals to enhance how you can support your child’s development and learning opportunities more.
  • Work in alignment with Early Childhood Best Practice Guidelines and current legislation.

During our BECIS sessions we see how Malakai learns and we pick up tips on how to do things at home for him as well. It's good for us to see him playing with other childern - Renette D