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FalconCam Project, located at the CSU Orange campus in New South Wales, was established in 2008 to study, monitor and record the breeding & natural behaviour of a resident peregrine falcon family ('Falco peregrinus macropus') to provide a glimpse in to the life of a bird of prey species which until recently was listed worldwide as “at risk”, and to provide research, pictures, videos and live streamed vision for the worldwide conservation effort.

We are currently a voluntary group of staff and ex-staff, using modern equipment to record the falcons’ progress in a limited format.

We rely solely on donations and fund-raising to meet our objectives, and all future financial assistance will be invested in camera upgrades, recording equipment, related software, and to improve our overall research and observational capability (details and all archiving on our external Falconcam Project website).

View Nest Camera Video Stream View Ledge Camera Video Stream

For more information:

Project website: http://falconcamproject.org

Contacts: Scott Banks (technical), Ph: 0414 914 949, Dr Cilla Kinross, Ph: 02 6365 7651

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