This subject will review arithmetic and algebra skills that are prerequisite knowledge in the study of a calculus based mathematics subject. It is intended to provide you with the necessary skills to successfully attempt subjects such as Computer Aided Mathematics with Applications 1 (MTH101) and Introductory Mathematics (MTH105).

Topics that you will cover include calculator skills, fractions, signed numbers, algebra, concepts of functions and introductory calculus. On successful completion of this subject, you should:

  • be able to use a calculator confidently and correctly,
  • be able to understand and work with arithmetic,
  • be able to understand and work with algebraic expressions and,
  • be able to  understand concepts of functions, variables and graphs.

If you studied a high school calculus maths subject more recently but did not do as well as you'd hoped, you will also benefit from reviewing the topics in Study Link SSS009, prior to studying MTH101.

Please note that there is a new Study Link subject that covers basic numeracy skills – ‘Basic Mathematics Skills’ (SSS027)

Subject availability
Session CRN Subject code Subject name Mode Campus/Location Term begins Application closing date Term ends
201945 202 SSS009 Mathematics for Calculus Online Orange 18/02/2019 7/06/2019 16/08/2019
201975 289 SSS009 Mathematics for Calculus Online Orange 24/06/2019 20/09/2019 20/12/2019

Please note: You can start any time to suit you between Term start date and the close of applications.

Study material: 26 hrs

Subject Coordinator: Colin Glanville

Colin Glanville

This subject will be useful if you're studying:

  • Agricultural and Wine Sciences
  • Allied Health and Pharmacy
  • Animal and Veterinary Sciences
  • Exercise and Sports Sciences
  • Information Technology, Computing and Mathematics

  • Medical Science and Dentistry
  • Nursing, Midwifery and Indigenous Health
  • Psychology
  • Science
  • Teaching and Education