Transition Subjects

Transition to Uni Study


If it’s been a while since you’ve studied or you’re not familiar with online study, this is the course to get you up to speed. You’ll discover how university study works, what you’ll be expected to do, and learn the skills you need to step into your university course with confidence.

Getting Ready for Uni Study

Weekend Workshop

If you’ve got TAFE or VET experience or haven’t studied formally for a long time, this workshop is the perfect way to get you ready for university. You’ll spend an intensive two days with your subject coordinator getting to know how university study works and learning all the skills you need to kick off your university course on the front foot.

Critical Thinking Skills in Context


Interpreting, evaluating and thinking critically are key skills required for success in university study. They will help you assess and understand theory and contemporary knowledge in your field – and so help you contribute new ideas to it.

Critical Thinking - A Philosophical Approach


This second subject on critical thinking adopts a philosophical framework. You’ll learn how to evaluate the truth of claims and the quality of reasons more broadly and enable you to delve more deeply into foundational and current thinking around your subject in order to develop a nuanced approach to analysis.

Essential Communication Skills


Communication is key to successful study. It’s how you share ideas, collaborate with others, and write about your research. From listening to and interacting with your fellow students, to writing in a way that gets your findings across with precision and style, communicating effectively is an important skill to master.