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In late 2014, in light of significant changes in the external environment and experiences to date, the University embarked on an overhaul of its existing strategy, encompassing:

  • A new strategic planning cycle focusing on a smaller number of priorities;
  • A new approach to improve our ability to deliver on strategy with the Program Logic Model;
  • Refinements to the University Objectives;
  • Additional Strategy Support.

In December 2014, the University Council approved the Outcomes across eight refined themes for the period 2015-2016.

Planning continued, structured around the new Program Logic Model methodology, resulting in detailed Sub Plans for each of the themes. In addition, detailed implementation plans including strategic fund allocations and strategic risk registers were developed.

In April 2015, the Strategy Sub Plans 2015-2016 for the eight themes were formally approved by Council. Each plan has a Senior Executive Committee owner who is tasked with implementation and delivery of the outputs and outcomes. Our efforts for 2015 and 2016 are now focused on delivery of these plans.

Furthermore, efforts in 2015 will also focus on refinements to the University's long-term objectives for its stakeholders, performance measures and targets.