Small Animal Referral Hospital

Complex veterinary cases are referred to the Charles Sturt Small Animal Referral Hospital due to our staff expertise, specialised facilities and equipment.

Our team are passionate about animals and do everything they can to ensure a positive outcome for your precious family member.

Preparing for your visit

At the Charles Sturt SARH parking is available on premises at carpark 83. Please advise clinic staff if you require assistance to bring your pet into the hospital.

If your pet is currently on any medications or a special diet please bring these along with you. We ask that you bring your pet into the clinic either on a lead or in a pet carrier.

In response to COVID-19 new safety measures are in place.
Upon arrival to our carpark, please phone 02 6933 4706 and select extension 1 to speak with our team to advise of your arrival. One of our team members will meet you in the carpark to complete all appropriate paperwork. Our Veterinarian will assess your pet and call you for a phone consultation.

Your pet’s condition will be discussed at length with the referral veterinarian. Before you arrive, consider making some brief notes about your pet’s condition, include dates of first signs and progression of the condition. Include any information that you think may be relevant.

At the Charles Sturt SARH we do not offer accounts. Payment are to be made by EFTPOS.

At the time of consult you will be supplied with an estimate of costs. Charles Sturt SARH requires that 50% of the supplied estimate be paid on admission to the hospital before the surgery or treatment is undertaken.

VetPay is another payment option that is accepted at Charles Sturt SARH. VetPay is an external finance company, for information or to apply for VetPay or organise a pre-approval go to: or ask one of our reception staff. Once you have set up VetPay you will be supplied with a VetPay pin. Please bring this information with you.

Your pet will need to be fasted if a sedation or general anaesthetic is required. Please feed your pet a normal size meal in the evening at their regular time, then a small amount of tin food (1-2 table spoons) at 6:00am. Ensure your pet has no access to food after this time. Please make sure that fresh clean water is available right up until your visit at the Charles Sturt SARH.

Please contact staff if your pet is diabetic or young as these patients are an exception and require different fasting directions.

If there are any further questions about your pets procedure or any concerns please feel free to call the Charles Sturt Small Animal Referral Hospital between 8.30am and 5:00pm on 02 6933 4706, or email reception staff at