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Molly's hazardous grass seed

Molly a 1 year old purebred Staffy presented to CSU Small Animal Referral Hospital with a hunched back and back pain, which had been getting worse for some time. Molly had a history of grass seeds removed from her legs and feet previously.

A CT scan of her spine showed loss of bone at one of her disc spaces in her lower (lumbar) spine. The CT also showed some changes to her lung in the left caudal lung lobe. The combination of signs Molly showed was highly suggestive of a migrating grass seed. The decision was made to take her to surgery. A grass seed was removed via a surgical approach through her abdomen. The surgery team was very happy to find the grass seed, and this was assisted greatly by the use of ultrasound intra-operatively to find the grass seed among all the surrounding reactive tissue, infection and inflammation.

Molly showed a very rapid recovery from surgery, and within a few days was walking without a hunched back or back pain. At her 2 week recheck after surgery she gained 2.5kgs and was wagging her tail furiously with a very happy smiling face, back to her normal self.

The owners are thrilled and so are we!