FDS310 Food Product Development (8)

This capstone subject introduces a structured approach to the design and development of new and improved food products to meet specific market and nutritional requirements.  Students will study in an integrated fashion the stages and processes employed in the development of a new food product, from idea generation through to product launch. Issues considered include concept development, market research, product formulation and shelf life, legislation, manufacturing and quality control protocols, packaging and labelling requirements, the product launch and post-launch product management.

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Subject Information
Grading System
One session
School of Biomedical Sciences
Assumed Knowledge

In order to appropriately engage with the content in this capstone subject, students need to have previously passed or practiced in a professional environment, content equivalent to:

FDS102 Introduction to Food Science and Nutrition
FDS202 Food Microbiology
FDS203 Food and Nutritional Chemistry
FDS208 Food Formulation and Characterisation
FDS309 Food Processing and Preservation
FDS305 Quality Assurance

Incompatable Subjects
Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:
  • Be able to clearly define and justify the rationale for development of a new or improved food product based on the integration of the consumer behaviour, market trends and nutritional requirements.
  • Be able to critically discuss the steps and systems required to develop or improve a food product in response to an identified market need or opportunity.
  • Be able to integrate prior knowledge and skills in food science and nutrition, food safety, formulation and processing, and quality assurance to plan the development of new or improved food product with acceptable sensory qualities and shelf life, and that satisfies regulatory requirements.
  • Be able to discuss the factors that will influence future trends in new product development.
  • Be able to professionally pitch a new product concept and justify the choices made
The subject will cover the following topics:
  • Introduction to product development
  • Generating new product ideas
  • Screening product ideas
  • From product concept to reality: prototype development and scale-up
  • Refining screening procedures
  • The final screening: preparing for product launch
  • Organisation and management of product development
  • Food products of the future: issues influencing new food product development
Residential School
This subject contains a 2 day Compulsory Residential School.

The residential school will include practical product development and laboratory activities designed to enhance the learning of students. For example, students may participate in:

• Focus groups to scope new food products
• Q&A sessions with industry product development and food marketing staff 
• The development of a sensory lexicon for a food product
• Texture and sensory profile analysis of a food product

Students will also pitch a new food product concept to a panel of classmates and industry personnel.

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