GPM517 Terrorist Operations and Praxis (8)

This subject analyses and deconstructs the operational aspects of terrorism through a focused examination of high profile terrorist attacks throughout modern history. The subject begins with a focus on the literature regarding innovation and learning within terrorist organisations and across terrorist networks. The subject provides a structured analysis of the most significant terrorist attacks in modern history, and an assessment of the impact of these attacks on the policies and practices of counter terrorism.


Session 2 (60)
Manly Campus

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Subject Information

Grading System



One session


Australian Graduate School of Policing and Security

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:
  • be capable of applying an advanced knowledge of terrorist operations in a range of professional and academic contexts;


This subject will cover the following topics:
  • Learning and Innovation in Terrorist Organisations
  • From Networks to State Sponsorship: Organisational Structure and Attack Complexity
  • 1972 Munich Massacre
  • Drivers and Constraints: Technology and Terrorism
  • 1983 Beirut Marine Barracks bombing
  • 1985 Air India Flight 182 bombing
  • 1995 Oklahoma bombings
  • 1995 Tokyo Sarin Gas attack
  • 1998 Omagh bombing
  • 2001 World Trade Centre and Pentagon attacks
  • 2002 Moscow theatre siege & 2004 Beslan school siege
  • 2008 Mumbai attack
  • 2011 Oslo bombing and shooting
  • 2015 Paris attack
  • This syllabus is indicative only as the dynamic nature of the terrorist environment, and the frequency of attacks, means the cases studies will evolve over time.

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