HLT312 Research in Clinical Practice (32)
A problem based learning curriculum and design is used to allow students to further develop their skills and knowledge in research methodology, including clinical evidence based and laboratory based research. Small clinically based research projects will be designed, conducted and evaluated and critical analysis of evidence based treatment recommendations will be required.
Subject availability
Session 2 (60)
On Campus
Orange Campus
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Subject Information
Grading System
One session
School of Biomedical Sciences
Enrolment restrictions
Available to students in BClinical Sci
Assumed Knowledge
STA201 and HLT330
Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:
  • demonstrate an understanding of the relevance of research for clinical practitioners;
  • be able to discuss clinical research methodology;
  • demonstrate understanding and application of ethical requirements for conduct of research;
  • review and critically evaluate current literature relevant to proposed research projects;
  • be able to formulate appropriate testable hypotheses for clinical research projects;
  • be able to suggest appropriate study designs for a range of research projects;
  • be able to discuss and apply appropriate quantitative and qualitative analyses of research data;
  • be able to describe the role of epidemiological research in public health research;
  • demonstrate understanding of the concept of evidence based clinical practice;
  • be able to relate research results to implementation of change in clinical practice;
  • demonstrate understanding of the research culture in Australia;
  • show an appreciation of the most appropriate format, including journal article, scientific poster or oral presentation to present research results.
The subject will cover the following topics:
* Application of research project design to suit research questions; * Application of Epidemiological research; * Use of evidence to underpin clinical practice; * Formulation of an answerable research question; * Ascertaining current information on the research question from the literature; * Designing the appropriate study; * Application of ethical considerations in conducting research; * Analysing and presenting results; * Disseminating research findings; * Discussing the relevance of results within the body of literature; * Research in the Australian context; * Research in the rural context. All topics will be covered within the problem based learning curriculum and delivery methodology with facilitation of concepts and development of problem solving skills within realistic work role scenarios.
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