ENG271 Civil Engineering Topic Tree - Student Engineer (48)

The core of the engineering curriculum is the Civil Engineering Topic Tree. The overall Topic Tree contains around 1,000 topics, covering the range of different specialties within civil engineering. Students complete these topics in a mastery learning paradigm, with linkages between the topics indicated by required pre-requisite knowledge. This subject takes the student through the Topic Tree to complete the topics necessary to be ready to work as a cadet engineer on placement in industry.


Session 1 (30)
On Campus
Bathurst Campus
Bathurst Campus
Session 2 (60)
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Session 3 (90)
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Continuing students should consult the SAL for current offering details: ENG271. Where differences exist between the Handbook and the SAL, the SAL should be taken as containing the correct subject offering details.

Subject Information

Grading System



Three sessions


Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Sciences

Enrolment Restrictions

Restricted to students enrolled in the  Bachelor of Technology(Civil Systems)/Master of Engineering(Civil Systems); Bachelor of Technology and Diploma of Engineering Studies.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:
  • Demonstrate mastery of a range of specialist content knowledge topics;
  • Demonstrate mastery of a range of specialist process knowledge topics;
  • Demonstrate mastery of pre-requisite knowledge for specific engineering topics;
  • Demonstrate mastery of a range of technical skills; and
  • Demonstrate the ability to acquire 'just in time' knowledge to suit specific engineering contexts.
  • NOTE: Each individual topic of the Topic Tree has an individual objectives identifying the specific knowledge to be acquired in that topic. The overall objective for the subject depends upon the aggregation of the objectives for the topics chosen by the student.


This subject will cover the following topics:
  • The topics for this subject are contained in the Civil Engineering Topic Tree. Each topic has its own objectives, learning materials and assessments. In order to successfully complete this subject, students will need to have completed a minimum of 240 topics in the Topic Tree (including any from prior subjects), including all topics specified in Schedule A: Required Competency for Cadet Engineers;
  • Topic Tree branches include: *engineering fundamentals; *communications and research; *sustainability and the enviroment; * geotechnical engineering; *water and waste water; *civil engineering practice; *civil engineering construction; *roads and transport; *project management; *business and entrepreneurship; *materials engineering; *engineering mechanics; and *structure engineering*.
  • NOTE: Schedule A includes the topics from all branches on the topic tree necessary to commence work as a cadet engineer; and
  • NOTE: Schedule B includes a minimum set of the topics from all branches on the topic tree necessary to be able to practice as a civil engineer.

Indicative Assessment

The following table summarises the assessment tasks for the online offering of ENG271 in Session 1 2019. Please note this is a guide only. Assessment tasks are regularly updated and can also differ to suit the mode of study (online or on campus).

Item Number
Value %
Schedule a
Student engineer topics

The information contained in the CSU Handbook was accurate at the date of publication: July 2020. The University reserves the right to vary the information at any time without notice.