EHR427 Research Methods in Movement Science (32)

The aim of this subject is to apply advanced knowledge of research processes, including ethical considerations and research design, to develop an independent research project.  This project will satisfy the requirements of an Honour’s level year of study in the broad field of Exercise Science, Sport and/or Health. This subject will enhance the student's knowledge and skills gained through their Bachelor level studies in that they will learn how to critique and distinguish between both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. Additionally, students will be guided on developing sound research processes as a foundation for undertaking an independent research project throughout the year of study. As such, students will develop a specific and advanced level of knowledge in their chosen area of study. Students will apply knowledge learnt in the classroom setting by constructing a ‘Research Proposal’ in their chosen area of research. This proposal will require students to read, analyse and synthesise relevant academic literature, to provide a cogent and critical account of the state of knowledge in their specific area of study, under the guidance of their research supervisors.  Research undertaken in this subject will culminate in the development and preparation of an Honours Dissertation in the Honours year. 

Subject availability
Session 1 (30)
On Campus
Bathurst Campus
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Subject Information
Grading System
One session
School of Exercise Science, Sport and Health
Enrolment restrictions

Bachelor of Exercise Science (Honours) students only

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:
  • be aware of and adhere to the principles of ethical conduct of research;
  • be able to evaluate the components of good design in quantitative and qualitative research as it relates to the broad discipline of Exercise Science, Sport and/or Health;
  • be able to evaluate techniques of quantitative and qualitative data sampling, analysis and intepretation;
  • be able to critique both the differences in quantitative and qualitative research processes, as well as critically evaluate how both processes can interrelate within research projects;
  • be able to develop a research hypothesis, research aims and research questions in relation to a chosen area of research;
  • be able to formally present a well-developed plan of a research project; and
  • be able to construct a 'Research Proposal' that provides a cogent and critical account of the state of knowledge and theory in the topic area of their research project.
The subject will cover the following topics:
  • An introduction to the Honour's year
  • Introduction to research
  • Research Codes of Conduct
  • Research ethics and developing the ethics application
  • Library Resources: Searching literature and databases; EndNote - Reference management software
  • Developing research questions and hypotheses
  • Honours Research Proposal
  • Writing the Introduction and Literature Review
  • Introduction to qualitative research methods
  • Introduction to quantitative research methods
  • Writing the method section
  • Your research method
  • Reflections - Interactive Panel discussion
  • Proposal Presentations
  • Data analyses for different research designs
  • Writing the Results section
  • Writing the Discussion Chapter and/or manuscript
  • Presenting and Publishing Research
Special Resources

Students will require access to the Exercise and Sport Science Laboratories located on the Bathurst campus, including equipment therein and specialised software for quantitative and qualitative research (eg. Survey Monkey, NVivo).  Funding will be required for purchase of consumables and/or transcription services related to their research project.

At times, it may be necessary for students to travel for data collection purposes.

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