HRT234 Horticultural Science (8)
The focus of this subject is the further development of the science behind the growth, development and management of horticultural plants. Plant manipulation to improve crop production and product quality are key areas of study. This subject reviews the development and maturation of horticultural products. Quality assessment of such products is an important area of study. The principles of postharvest science are introduced with the technologies for postharvest management of horticultural products.

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Subject Information
Grading System
One session
School of Agricultural and Wine Sciences
Enrolment restrictions
Students who have completed HRT110 cannot enrol into this subject
AGR156 or PSC102
Subject Relationships
HRT110 This subject has the same material
Incompatable Subjects
Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:
  • be able to demonstrate how to document a plant management system and discuss its component parts
  • be able to discuss the plant and environmental factors that affect plant processes
  • be able to itemise and discuss the dynamics of plant growth and recognise the physiology behind such growth
  • be able to accurately assess and demonstrate how to manage plant growth
  • be able to accurately describe the importance of plant improvement in horticulture
  • be able to demonstrate how to balance plant growth for product yield, quality and longevity
  • be able to demonstrate how to define techniques and methods of maintaining the post harvest quality of horticultural produce so as to ensure a minimum loss of quality between producer and consumer
  • be able to assess the maturity and quality of horticultural produce.
The subject will cover the following topics:
Module 1: Dynamics of plant growth - Plant growth - Plant improvement - Plants and their environment Module 2: Plant growth management - Plant growth coordination - Flower initiation - fruit set - Fruit growth and maturation - Plant growth control Module 3: Postharvest science and technology - Quality and maturity evaluation - Storage principles - Harvesting, handling and marketing
Residential School
This subject contains a 2 day Compulsory Residential School.The Residential school provides a hands on approach to; Bud, Flower and Fruit development. Fruit Maturation Postharvest Management Plant Growth and Cycles Quality and Maturity Assesment Quality Assurance.
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