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During-delivery checklist

Assessment and moderation are closely linked, so this list combines all the necessary tasks to comply with both CSU policies. Although the Moderation policy only requires a subject to be formally moderated once per year, it’s good practice to confer with your peers to develop sound assessment processes, so these tasks are included in this list too.

Throughout the session, check:

You have a fixed and consistent, valid and reliable* system for assigning marks/grades, ie the way you weight or combine a students’ performance against each criteria within an assessment task produces a final grade that is fair, consistent and makes sense when you look at the grade awarded for each criterion
Where multiple markers are involved you have a process to ensure consistency of marking, eg double-marking, cross-checking boundary grades, benchmarking discussions and examples prior to marking, etc
You have sought a second opinion on grade boundaries, eg students that have just achieved High Distinctions or only just Failed
Made a note of any problematic criteria and standards and how they can be improved for next time
You have provided relevant and detailed feedback to students on each assessment task
Assessments were returned within the 15 working day period as specified in the CSU Assessment Policy - Coursework Subjects.
Your grades have been entered into Gradebook and released to students
You’re confident that the system you use to produce your final grade for the subject produces valid and reliable* outcomes
All moderation processes have been recorded as required by your School

* Valid’ in this context means that the outcome accurately reflects the value of the work.
‘Reliable’ in this context means that the process ensures that the same data will always produce the same result.