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Winner - Golden Crow Awards 2022 for Excellence in Work Health & Safety - Sponsored by Safe Work  NSW


CSCS has  won the Golden Crow Awards for Excellence in Work Health & Safety (Sponsored by Safe Work NSW). The Excellence in Workplace Health and Safety award recognises businesses that are implementing safe work processes within their business and reducing, controlling and identifying risk.

Congratulations to everyone at CSCS for creating a safe workplace for all!

To find out more about the awards visit Golden Crow Awards (

Winner - Golden Crow Awards 2021 for Excellence in Work Health & Safety - Sponsored by Safe Work  NSW


CSCS has  won the Golden Crow Awards for Excellence in Work Health & Safety (Sponsored by Safe Work NSW). Congratulations to everyone at CSCS for creating a safe workplace for all!

To find out more about the awards visit Golden Crow Awards ( or

2021 Golden Crow Awards Finalist for Excellence in Work Health & Safety and Excellence in Business


Charles Sturt Campus Services is proud to be a 2021 finalist in the Golden Crow Awards for excellence in Work Health & Safety (sponsored by SafeWork NSW) as well as Excellence in Business.

To find out more about the awards visit Golden Crow Awards ( or

Changes to Payment Summaries


Single Touch Payroll (STP) is a legislative change to the way employers report their employee’s salary, tax and superannuation information to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

Like most employers CSCS and CSU are now required to report year to date earnings information every payday. Previously this information was reported annually via payment summaries. CSCS and CSU commenced fortnightly year to date reporting to the ATO on 2 May. You can log into your myGov account and view your year to date salary information.

STP removes the requirement for CSCS and CSU to produce Payment Summaries. Payment Summaries have been replaced by income statements which once finalised (normally first week of July) can be accessed via your myGov account. This means from the 2018/19 financial year onwards you will access your income statement (previously known as a Payment Summary) via your myGov account.

It should also be noted the ATO will regularly share STP information with other government agencies such as Centrelink and Child Support.

Download Memo

Link to CSU Single Touch Payroll Information

WINNERS!! CSCS wins 2019 Regional Business Awards for Outstanding Employer of Choice

06 September 2019

Well done CSCS team – Winners for Outstanding Employer of Choice at the 2019 Murray-Riverina Regional Business Awards.

CSCS General Manager with the Outstanding Employer of Choice Award 2019

WINNERS!! CSCS wins 2019 Golden Crow Awards for Excellence in WHS

22 June 2019

Well done CSCS team – Winners for Excellence in Workplace Health & Safety at the Golden Crow Awards held in Wagga Wagga.

To find out more about the awards visit

CSCS wins Excellence in WHS Golden Crow Awards 22 June 2019

2019 Golden Crow Awards Finalist for Excellence in WHS


Charles Sturt Campus Services is proud to be a 2019 finalist in the Golden Crow Awards for excellence in Work Health & Safety.

Winners will be announced on Saturday 22 June 2019. To find out more about the awards visit

Enterprise Agreement


CSCS’s Proposed Enterprise Agreement 2019 has gone through and we can now confirm that 89.36% voted ‘Yes’.

This means that the ‘Enterprise Agreement’ has passed and is now in it's final stages of being processed.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote.

Martin Dooner

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To find out more about the Enterprise Agreement

SAI Global Audits


AS/NZS 4801 Re-certification - HSM40413  - Charles Sturt Campus Services Limited

New Uniform


We now have our new polo shirts featuring the CSCS logo. They look great!

Stingray Cleaning Tool Demo


After viewing a demo in Wagga we have purchased Stingray Indoor Cleaning Systems for each campus to try out. They should make it easier and safer to clean windows without having to move furniture or climb ladders.

The Stingray claims to make cleaning windows up to 25% faster and uses up to 39% less chemical than conventional sprayer and cloth method, We will be interested to see what you think so make sure to pass on any feedback that you have to your Supervisor.

To find out more about the new tool talk to your Supervisor or visit the Unger Stingray website

CSCS - Thomas Bros Crow Awards Finalist 2016


A huge congratulations to Charles Sturt Campus services Limited who was recently a finalist in the category 'Excellence in Workplace Diversity'. Even though we did not win, to be a finalist itself is a great achievement that we have all accomplished together; Well done CSCS each one of you contributed to us achieving this! Congratulations also to CSU Green for winning the Sustainability Award on the night.

To find out more about the awards visit the Wagga Business Chamber website;

SAI Global Audits


A representative from SAI Global will be on site to audit our OHS Systems for re-certification to the standard of 4801:2001. Dates scheduled are below;

Audit Start Date

Audit Completion Date



Audit Type

Audit team

Fri 22 April 2016

Fri 22 April 2016

1 Day

Bldg. 460 Valder Way, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, NSW, 2678, Australia


Praveen Bajaj

Thu 28 April 2016

Thu 28 April 2016

1 Day

Building 1054 Bartlett House, Orange, NSW, 2800, Australia,  Charles Sturt University

Fri 29 April 2016

Fri 29 April 2016

1 Day

Office 104, Building 1454, Panorama Avenue, Bathurst, NSW, 2795, Australia,  Charles Sturt University

CSCS - Regional Finalist at NSW Business Awards


CSCS didn't make it through to the NSW finals this year for the Business Australia (formerly, the NSW Business Chamber) NSW Business Awards. Congratulations again to the team for making it through to the Regional Finals as this in itself is a big achievement!

CSCS Becomes 2015 Regional Finalist at NSW Business Awards


Congratulations team!!! CSCS has for the second year become a regional finalist at the Business Australia (formerly, the NSW Business Chamber) Murray-Riverina Business Awards.

The winner will be announced on Friday October 2nd 2015 - stay tuned!

Management Change Proposal


Staff are encouraged to read the attached Management Change Proposal document and to provide feedback.

This document is the first version of the process of developing a formal proposal for workplace change relating to the Service Improvement Project.

The Company is drafting this document to set out its specific proposal for consultation with CSCS Employees in accordance with Charles Sturt Campus Services Enterprise agreement 2013.

Staff are encouraged to provide feedback or ask questions in relation to the change proposal within a two week period commencing from the distribution of this document, these should be forwarded to

The General Manager or Workplace Improvement officer is also available to answer questions from individual staff, or groups of staff, to arrange a time please contact CSCS administration on 02 6933 4747

CSCS Receives SAI GLOBAL AS 4801 Certification for its WHS Management System

23rd July 2015

OHS AS4801 CertificationCSCS is proud to announce that our Occupational Health & Safety Management System is now certified to AS/NZS 4801:2001 standards and we are able to prove our OHS commitment and achievement to clients, staff and other important stakeholders.

Details of our certification are available for clients and other stakeholders to view online via the SAI Global Certification Register –

A while ago as a CSCS board directive the company was asked to validate that it had creditable safety systems in place, this was to ensure that the company was implementing best practice, was compliant to legislation and to provide some assurance against liability, it was viewed as positive move for the business and peace of mind for our clients Facilities management and Residence Life?

Today I'm proud to announce we have achieved this status and we can proudly use and display the five ticks as seen at the bottom of my signature.

Special thanks to all involved especially Julie Philpott and Simone Brown

~ Martin Dooner, CSCS General Manager

CSCS on Today's Sunrise Show

22nd July 2015

Sunrise with Nicola Hope at BathurstCSCS Bathurst Team on Sunrise ShowCongratulations to the CSCS Bathurst team for ensuring that the place was spotless for the Sunrise TV show which was filmed on site.

Even the host of the show Eddy commented on how great it looked! What a team!

CSCS' "Green Cleaning" Feature in CSU 2014 Sustainability Scorecard

Wednesday, 22nd April 2015

Green Cleaning at CSU

Since 2007 CSU has been producing an Environmental Scorecard that tracks the University's resource use and emissions in relation to its sustainability targets. These documents are important for monitoring environmental impacts so that they can be more effectively managed. Since 2008, the Scorecards have also included information about other initiatives. CSU releases its Scorecard in March each year.

This year CSCS is featured on pages 54 to 55 for it's change over to using the True Green range of products. CSCS is committed to providing a consistent high level of service to it's clients through proactive implementation of effective and sustainable cleaning practices.

You can download the CSU 2014 Sustainability Scorecard from the CSU Green Website

22/4/15 - CSU 2014Sustainability Scorecard

Memo - Safe Loading of Mobile Garbage Bins

Tuesday, 3rd March 2015

Memo from Ed Maher, Manager CSU Green, Ken Simpson (Manager, Work Health & Safety (Facilities), Division of Facilities Management), Martin Dooner (General Manager, Charles Sturt Campus Services)

Dear All,

There have been repeated instances across CSU of 240 litre mobile garbage bins that are used for the collection of general waste and recyclables being overloaded. Overloading these bins creates a significant manual handling issue for the staff that are required to wheel the bins from the building to the nearest collection point for emptying.

Overloading of 240 litre mobile garbage bins is most frequently observed following an office clean-up where bins have been loaded with dense waste items such as compacted paper or books. This often results in the bin weight significantly exceeding the limit that can be safely be moved by a single staff member or emptied.

The Division of Facilities Management (DFM), CSU Green and Charles Sturt Campus Services seek the assistance and co-operation of all CSU staff in this matter to ensure that bins are no longer overloaded.
If you or your colleagues have a requirement to dispose of a large volume of dense waste items such as paper or text books, please log a BEIMS request in advance via the registered BEIMS user in your building. You can also contact DFM to discuss a suitable waste collection solution, if you are unsure of your requirements, on internal extension 86DFM (86336).

Overweight bins cannot be moved for emptying and cleaning staff have been instructed to leave them in place for their own safety. Over the coming weeks, a sticker will be placed on bins to remind staff about this.

Edward Maher
Manager, CSU Green

Download memo - Safe loading of mobile garbage bins (wheelie bins)