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PACT - Public and Contextual Theology


Global Network for Public Theology

Commencing 3 Oct 2022 9:00 am - 6 Oct 2022 5:00 pm

GLOBAL NETWORK FOR PUBLIC THEOLOGYVII CONSULTATION CURITIBA, BRAZIL, 03-06 OCTOBER, 2022 Public Theologies in Vibrating Cities: Precious and Precarious Cities vibrate, shine, resonate. They are vibrant, tourist brochures tell us – lively, that is, interesting for those who seek for good food, nightlife, and entertainment. But much more than that,...

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XIV International Bonhoeffer Conference

Commencing 14 Jan 2024 - 18 Jan 2024

Crisis and Hope: Reading Bonhoeffer for Today (‘What I Did Today by God,’ by Glenn Loughrey. Used with the artist’s permission. ) ‘We should have so much love for this contemporary world of ours, for our fellow human beings, that we should declare our solidarity with it in its...

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