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Course Design

course design process

The Learning Design Unit of the Division of Learning and Teaching assists Course directors and Academics in course and subject design of undergraduate and post graduate degree curricula.

As part of the curriculum renewal processes, CSU has made a commitment to all CSU undergraduates that, as well as gaining an in-depth understanding of their chosen disciplines and professions, students will have learning experiences and assessment events which address both specific and generic attributes and capabilities such as:

  • A supported transition into the first year of university; and thereafter throughout the undergraduate student experience;
  • Employability and generic skills such as effective communication; analytical skills; critical and reflective judgement; problem-solving; team work; and time-management;
  • The opportunity for international experiences and to develop an international perspective in their discipline or profession;
  • An engagement with the responsibilities of global citizenship;
  • The opportunity to develop cultural competence;
  • The opportunity to engage meaningfully with the culture, experiences and histories of Indigenous communities;
  • Understandings of financial, social and environmental sustainability;
  • A firm understanding of ethics;
  • Education based in practice;
  • Engagement in activities that foster web-based proficiency;
  • Threshold disciplinary outcomes; and
  • Lifelong learning.

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