Education Framework

Our Education Framework builds upon 30 years of leadership in online and regional experience. Drawing on our distinctiveness and strengths while ensuring high quality experience and outcomes for our students it guides our approach to learning and teaching at Charles Sturt.

We achieve and ensure the quality of all our academic endeavours in our learning and teaching through our people and the application of our Education Framework. Our Education Framework consists of:

These guide our learning and teaching activities and you in your role as an educator at Charles Sturt.

Infographic of five concentric circles labelled with the items of the Education Framework listed above. The central, smallest circle is labelled student success.

Overall our objective is:

To be a university delivering education excellence with a distinctive focus on courses that deliver an innovative and authentic education for our students to achieve their career aims and impact the sustainability of our regions and the world.

Charles Sturt Education Principles

Our Education Principles are in development and will describe how we are unique in the learning and teaching we offer our students. The Principles will align our brand and course and subjects in a meaningful way. They will draw on our significant achievements and set up the basis for our strategic investment, operational direction and a bold and bright future for the institution. Stay tuned!

Education Strategy

A pillar of the Charles Sturt 2030 Strategy, it is about connecting our students with the knowledge and wisdom to shape the world. It sets our vision and provides structure and guidance in how we are going to improve and maintain our sector leading position through:


Sector-leading course profile

Course mix is orientated towards the jobs and student needs of the futures and to support regional community development.


Distinctive learning architectures

Evolving our learning experiences which harness leading edge education principles, deliver learning outcomes, and prepare graduates for the careers they desire.


Excellence in teaching

We will demonstrate the pursuit of excellence while enabling students to feel connected and supported.


Load Optimisation and Equity

Sustainable student load to support student demand economic development demand from increased student interest combined with improved participation and equity.


Charles Sturt Curriculum Model

This Model is the practical “how-to” for professional and academic teams to design, deliver and support exceptional learning experiences. It  specifically highlights the capabilities required to deliver on our promise.

Academic quality