First Nations curriculum

At Charles Sturt University we are committed to incorporating Indigenous Australian content into our courses and subjects. This is supported in our strategy and policies and is guided by a Cultural Competence Pedagogical Framework.

Pedagogical Framework

This pedagogical framework guides you in how to provide students with knowledge and understanding of Indigenous cultures, histories, and contemporary contexts. It supports development of students' self and professional critical reflexivity. Graduates will be equipped with discipline-specific and culturally appropriate skills and strategies to prepare them for working effectively with First Nations clients and/or communities.

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Indigenous Board of Studies

The Indigenous Board of Studies (IBS) is responsible for monitoring the development and implementation of the Indigenous Australian Content in Courses and Subjects Policy at Charles Sturt University. It is also the approval body for all Indigenous Australian Studies subjects.

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Graduate Learning Outcomes

Charles Sturt’s Graduate Learning Outcomes (GLOs) are a set of common learning outcomes that have been written to assist course teams with alignment between standards, course & subject outcomes, and assessment.

The GLO pages will help you understand the GLO and its aims and focus. You will find rubric lines to include in assessments to assist you with assessing each of the three components within each GLO. While these can be placed directly into a current assessment, the best way to use these rubric lines is to tweak them slightly to make them more suited to your context, profession, or assessment task.

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School of Indigenous Australian Studies

The School of Indigenous Australian Studies (SIAS) has responsibility for teaching core Indigenous Australian studies subjects.

SIAS also provides leadership in curriculum design and guidance in Indigenous Australian studies across multiple disciplines in undergraduate and postgraduate course work.

The school also hosts the Graduate Certificate in Wiradjuri Language, Culture, and Heritage which a senior Wiradjuri educator and researcher coordinate.

SIAS has also developed a terminology guide. Extract from the guide:

"There is no rulebook when it comes to using appropriate terminology regarding First Nations Peoples of Australia and their experiences. The purpose of this Guide is to emphasise the importance of considering the terms we use, and the histories and assumptions that may be embedded within them. The aim is to encourage you to work towards developing and using language in a way that acknowledges the diversity of First Nations Peoples and the resilience and strengths within their experiences. It is also about recognising, acknowledging and challenging racial and cultural based inequalities that continue to exist in our societies and which can be reinforced through the use of language"

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