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Welcome to STUDY LINK!

Starting at CSU soon, currently a student or just thinking about university study?

Enrol in STUDY LINK at CSUSTUDY LINK offers a range of subjects that are short, self paced and non credit bearing. Some STUDY LINK subjects are also offered as face-to-face Intensive Weekend Workshops.

These preparatory subjects will make the link between your current knowledge and skills and what's needed in your formal studies.

Each STUDY LINK subject is intended to provide you with meaningful, relevant content that is designed to assist your learning in the university environment. 

We provide you with the materials and you will have access to a Subject Coordinator, your teacher, who is there to help you progress through the subject and whom you can contact for assistance.

"At CSU we recognise the importance of preparation for University study and STUDY LINK is designed to really kick-start your studies.Complete a short, self-paced, online subject or weekend workshop and finish before your formal studies commence or, if you 're already here at CSU, enrol and have a concentrated hit on a skill area during your session breaks. It's that easy! 

By completing one or more of our 17 subjects you will not only enhance your knowledge and increase your skills, but you'll also develop a clear understanding of the expectations of studying at University. Some subjects fill knowledge gaps in subject areas e.g. Chemistry, and others e.g. Writing Essays, build skills you need for success at university.

Results aren't recorded formally but you will receive a Certificate of satisfactory completion.What's more, it's all FREE if you're enrolled as a Commonwealth supported student at CSU, and not too expensive if you aren't.

So, if you haven't studied for a while, or if you just want to brush up on your skills and knowledge in a few areas, a STUDY LINK subject is perfect for you."

David Ward,
Team Leader, Study Link