Feeling nervous about uni-level studies or a particular subject?

Study Link at Charles Sturt University offers short, online subjects that prepare you for success in your degree, wherever you choose to study. Whether you’re just considering uni studies, starting university or continuing in a later year, there’s a Study Link subject to help you. Even if you're not starting a degree, you can take a Study Link subject to up-skill for work, or even just to help the kids with their homework!

What's more, Study Link subjects are FREE for most Australian Residents (Check fee conditions)

Study Link is ideal if you:

  • have had a break from study
  • are about to start a maths or science-based degree and need to refresh your knowledge
  • want to brush up on your grammar
  • need some pointers on academic writing and referencing
  • are new to online study
  • want a smooth and easy transition to uni

New expanded subject range

Check out our expanded range of mini-subjects, including: a new Maths series (from Introductory to Advanced), Academic Writing, Communication Skills, Critical Thinking skills, and Grammar options, our Science suite, as well as special Maths subjects for Teacher education students preparing for professional tests.

Subject categories:

Transition subjects

Transition subjects

Writing subjects

Writing subjects

Mathematics and Statistics subjects

Mathematics and Statistics subjects

Science subjects

Science subjects

At a glance

Study Link provides a choice of up to 26 short subjects which can all boost university studies by giving you:

  • academic skills you will need (e.g. essay writing)
  • a chance to fill any 'knowledge gaps' (e.g. chemistry or maths)
  • experience in studying online (or in a weekend Workshop)
  • the confidence to succeed!

Study Link's subjects are:

  • short (between 14 and 40 hours)
  • self-paced (take up to 5 months if you need to)
  • delivered flexibly
  • FREE for all Australian citizens, New Zealand citizens or holders of a permanent visa
  • not expensive for other students (students studying outside Australia or not meeting the above criteria)
  • no pressure, as they're non-credit bearing
  • relevant for new and continuing students
  • taught by a real person (your Subject Coordinator) who can guide you through your subject(s).

What people are saying about Study Link

Why Choose Study Link?

Study Link Success

"At CSU we recognise the importance of quality preparation for university study and Study Link is designed to really kick-start your studies. Complete an online subject or Intensive Weekend Workshop before your formal studies commence or, if you're already here at CSU, enrol and have a concentrated hit on a skill area during your session breaks.

Your results are not recorded on your official Academic Transcript, but you will receive a Certificate of Satisfactory Completion. It's a good way to ease yourself into tertiary studies.

So, if you haven't studied for a while, or if you just want to brush up on your skills and knowledge in a few areas, as well as build your confidence, a Study Link subject is perfect for you."

David Ward Program Coordinator, Study Link

How it works:

  • How do Study Link subjects work?

    Study Link offers a range of online subjects that are short and self-paced. These preparatory subjects will make the link between your current knowledge and skills and what's needed in your formal studies. Some subjects are also available via weekend workshops.

    Each Study Link subject is intended to provide you with meaningful, relevant content that is designed to assist your learning in the university environment. We provide you with the materials and you will have access to a Subject Coordinator, your teacher, who is there to help you progress through the subject and whom you can contact for assistance.

  • How long do Study Link subjects take to complete?

    Study Link subjects take between 14 and 40 hours to complete. It is entirely up to you whether you have a concentrated period focused on particular skills development or you decide to take your time and complete them over an extended period.

    The Study Link terms are made quite long to accommodate both options; we know that people do lead very busy lives. All we require is that you finish by the final assessment due date at the end of each term so that your Subject Coordinator can give you timely feedback regarding the short practice activities.

  • How quickly can I start my Study Link subject?

    After you have formally accepted your offer, you will gain access to your Study Link subject Interact2 site(s) within 24 hours of your enrolment being processed.

    The speed at which your enrolment is process may depend on Student Administration workload, however you should have access to your Interact2 sites no later than 48 hours after formally accepting your offer.

    Once you have been given access to your Interact2 site(s), you can access them through your Interact2 dashboard. If you are a student new to CSU, you will need to activate your CSU login prior to accessing Interact2.

  • Who can enrol in Study Link and how much does it cost?

    Anyone! You don't need to be enrolled in any other studies to benefit from Study Link. Study Link is free for students who are an Australian citizen, a New Zealand citizen or a holder of a permanent visa. Fees do apply to students who don't meet citizenship and residency criteria - see the Study Assist website

  • When are Study Link subjects offered?

    Study Link subjects are offered in 3 terms across the year – check out the Study Link Calendar for the dates of enrolment. The Study Link terms run at different times to the normal CSU sessions to give you more opportunities to enrol and complete subjects, either before you start at CSU or during Session breaks in your course when there are no lectures.

  • Do Study Link subjects count towards my degree?

    Study Link subjects are NOT credit bearing and therefore do not count towards a university qualification. When you have satisfactorily completed a Study Link subject, you will receive a Satisfactory (SY) Grade and receive a Certificate of Satisfactory Completion (which you'll receive approx. 6-8 weeks after your term has ended)

    If you find that you are unable to complete all of your Study Link assessment items, you will be awarded an 'Approved Withdrawal' (AW) grade. Again, there is no academic penalty for not completing a Study Link subject!

    As of 2018, Study Link subjects do now appear on your My eQuals transcript. But don't worry - Study Link subjects do NOT appear on your AHEGS statement (Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement), which you'll receive when you graduate and only shows a record of subjects studied in your degree; as such, your AHEGS statement will not show a record of any Study Link subjects you may have enrolled in.

  • Do I still need to pay if I withdraw from Study Link?

    There is a census date associated with each term. This is the date that enrolment data is collected for the Government

    If you are not intending to complete your subjects(s), you should withdraw prior to census date.

    If you are a fee-paying student and wish to withdraw from your Study Link subject(s) without financial liability, you need to do so before the census date for the relevant Study Link term. If you withdraw after census date, you will still be liable for Study Link fees. Please note: students can confirm if they are liable for fees for Study Link by clicking on the 'Fees' link at the top of this webpage.

    You can withdraw online via the Online Administration page, by emailing your Subject Coordinator or by emailing studylink@csu.edu.au.