Enrol in Study Link at at time that suits you!

Study Link has been designed to fit the needs of students. Our subjects are offered flexibly over three elongated terms - we've taken the normal university terms and lengthened them, to give you much more time to complete your Study Link subjects!

You can enrol in and start a Study Link subject on almost any day of the year. For students enrolling in a degree at Charles Sturt, this means you can complete your subjects before you start your degree (or during any session break if you're finding that you need to brush up on some key skills mid-term).

While you can enrol in a Study Link subject at any time throughout the year, there are a few periods where you won't be able to enrol in a subject and start as soon as you're enrolled - these periods fall in between enrolments closing in one term and the next term starting, so make sure you download the full Study Link calendar to see where our terms start and end, and where enrolments close.

Once Admissions have received your enrolment, you'll be added to your subject(s) within 36 hours and you will be automatically enrolled in the currently running Study Link term (or next available term, if the enrolment close date has passed in the current running term).

Study Link Calendar 2021

Code Study Link Term Study Link Term Begins Application Closing DatesCensus DateStudy Link Term Ends
2021 Study Link terms
202175 (current term)Term 1, 202121st June, 202117th September, 202124th September, 202117th December, 2021
2022 Study Link terms
(next term)
Term 1, 20221st November 202128th January 20224 February 202229 April 2022
202245Term 2, 202214th February 20223rd June 202210th June 202212th August 2022
202275Term 3, 202220th June 202216th September 202223rd September 202216th December 2022

Download the 2021 calendar