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EDU112 Intermediate Education Part 1 (0)


The Additional Qualification course: Intermediate Education, Part I is an introductory course that focuses on the development of an engaging learning environment  for adolescent learners. The course is based on the theory and practice related to adolescent development, program planning and delivery, the elementary and secondary school environment and other issues related to teaching and learning in the intermediate division. Candidates will have opportunities to reflect, communicate and apply their learning through practical experiences.

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Subject information

Duration Grading System School:
One sessionSY/USSchool of Teacher Education

Enrolment restrictions

Students must be accredited with the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) or be currently undertaking an OCT accredited teaching degree with CSU.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:
  • be able to develop strategies to integrate and implement Ministry of Education and school board policies and guidelines related to the intermediate division, with particular emphasis on the curriculum guidelines;
  • demonstrate the creation of inclusive, equitable and safe learning environments that address the diversity of learners;
  • demonstrate an awareness of the social, emotional and physiological development of adolescents;
  • understand how to use, accommodate and modify expectations, teaching strategies and assessment practices based on the developmental or special needs of adolescent students;
  • demonstrate an understanding of the linguistic development and cultural traditions of adolescents, with a specific focus on literacy across the curriculum;
  • demonstrate an understanding of the spiritual and moral development of students;
  • demonstrate the ability to integrate information and communication technology into teaching practice;
  • explore various models for organizing intermediate instruction to assist in the management of multiple subject areas; and
  • develop an awareness of legal and ethical issues related to intermediate education.


The subject will cover the following topics:
  • Theoretical and legislative underpinnings of Intermediate Education in Ontario
  • Theories of human development in the context of the intermediate student
  • Understanding legal and ethical issues and responsibilities related to intermediate education
  • Demonstrating knowledge of the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum policy documents for intermediate education
  • Understanding the relationship between program planning, teaching/learning strategies and assessment practices based on the development of intermediate learners
  • Creating equitable, safe and inclusive environments for a diverse group of learners

Specialised Resources

Students require a laptop computer and/or appropriate mobile device.


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