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JST457 Challenges in policing, security, and emergency management (16)


This subject introduces students, who do not necessarily have tertiary education qualifications,  to post-graduate study skills and ethical professional practice in policing, security and emergency management settings.  The study skills will include: understanding the broad church of research; academic writing; literature search and review;  understanding research and methodologies.  The study skills and ethical professional practice will be studied within the context of the study stream of one of the seven study stream disciplines provided by AGSP: Criminal Intelligence; Terrorism, Safety and Security; Fraud and Financial Crime; Fire Investigation; Investigations Management; Leadership and Management (Policing); and Emergency Management.  The study materials for this subject will include background and introductory information on each of the study streams and will outline ethical dilemmas within that discipline for the student to critically examine and use as a source to complete the assignments. The first part of this introductory subject will provide students with a broad overview of their chosen discipline, how it is organized, how its “parts” relate to each other, and the current trends and issues. Students will then map against this overview of professional practice the current state of theoretical thinking and research. Apart from providing a meaningful context for the acquisition of the academic skills students need for success in post graduate studies, this subject will contextualise the other mandatory subjects in their course and enable them to select any elective subjects in a more informed way. Additionally, this subject will help students to start to recognize and define areas of interest for future research. The second part of the subject will focus on ethical professional practice in each of the above named disciplines, while continuing the development of students’ academic skills. 

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Subject information

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One sessionHD/FLAustralian Graduate School of Policing and Security

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:
  • Be able to demonstrate a broad understanding of the scope and structure of their discipline, and current professional practices and issues
  • Be able to demonstrate an awareness of the main theories and models that inform current practice, and the main thrusts of current research in their discipline 


The subject will cover the following topics:
  (i) Being a post graduate student (ii) Introduction to post graduate research (iii) Introduction to post graduate study skills and writing skills (iv) Evaluating arguments and structuring debate (v) Ethics and professionalism in policing, security and emergency management    The syllabus will incorporate a discipline overview in addition to practice, theory and research


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