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MIS110 Radiographic Fundamentals (8)


This subject introduces fundamental principles of x-ray image production. A radiographic image may only take 1/100 of a second to produce. You will gain an understanding of that period as well as the important 45 or 90 seconds later when the potential image is converted to an image that can be viewed, and hopefully, assist in providing a diagnosis for the patient. Those few seconds are what will be covered in the 13 week session

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Subject information

Duration Grading System School:
One sessionHD/FLSchool of Biomedical Sciences

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:
be able to apply the basic principles involved in producing the radiographic image;
be capable of discussing the patient, equipment and processing factors associated with optimum radiographic image quality;
be capable of discussing the factors affecting image density;
be able to describe and practice the principles of exposure factor manipulation;
be able to effectively use and routinely maintain and assess basic image recording systems and processing chemistry;
demonstrate an understanding of the principles of sensitometry; and
demonstrate an understanding of the basic principles of computed radiography.


The subject will cover the following topics:
# basic image production # control of scattered radiation # photographic principles # exposure factor manipulation # film materials, intensifying screens, and cassettes # sensitometry # photographic duplication # the processing area including processing chemistry # silver conservation, recovery and waste management # introductory digital radiographic techniques including computed radiography (CR) # factors affecting radiographic image quality # image identification, presentation and viewing


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