Charles Sturt EdX is co-sponsored by the Pro Vice-Chancellor Learning and Teaching, Lucy Webster and the Executive Director Student Success, Jacqueline Clements.  The organising committee consists of a Steering Committee with faculty and divisional representation, a Lead Program Group who work up ideas to formulate the themes, sub-themes and program, and an operations group. The event is supported by a group of excellent facilitators and a range of other specialist staff.

Steering Committee

  • Denise Wood (Chair)
  • Jacqueline Clements (Co-Sponsor)
  • Lucy Webster (Co-Sponsor)
  • Kylie Press
  • Claudia Diaz
  • Saeed Shaeri
  • Raegan Petzel
  • Kirsty Smith
  • Sarah Boothey  (Secretary)

Lead Program Group

    • Denise Wood (Chair)
    • Sheeja Samuel
    • Greg Auhl
    • Barb Hill
    • Deborah Scheele
    • Helen Hobbs
    • Kirsty Smith
    • Susan Mlcek
    • Rachel Jefferson-Buchanan
    • Mary Carroll
    • Stacey Jenkins
    • Nicole Sugden
    • Caroline Robinson
    • Annabel Matheson
    • Stephanie Knott

Operations Group

  • Raegan Petzel (Chair)
  • Denise Wood
  • Sarah Boothey
  • Lachlan Kalache