Charles Sturt EdX

Maximising Student Success in a Post COVID world.

Charles Sturt's premier learning and teaching conference is back and available online on 18 - 20 November 2020 and this year, the Division of Learning and Teaching is teaming up with the Division of Student Services for the first time.

Conference Hub

The Conference Hub has more details & information on the guest expert panel and their brief introductions, the program is also located in the hub.

The Charles Sturt EdX conference provides a forum for Charles Sturt staff to engage in scholarly activity and sharing best practice that will positively impact the learning and teaching experience of Charles Sturt students. Charles Sturt EdX will achieve this by linking our Divisions and our three Faculties, to ensure staff are able to learn from experts, share best practice and build capacity in their area of work, either as an academic or professional staff member. We’re also pleased to invite students to present and attend the conference. If you’re a current student, we’d love to hear from you. Tell us about your learning experiences – what’s working and what could we do differently?

Charles Sturt EdX fosters collaboration and demonstrates the value we place on a student-centred culture at Charles Sturt.

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Conference Themes

Maintaining wellbeing

Maintaining wellbeing

Maintaining wellbeing through uncertainty: building resilience

We’ve all experienced so much change in these extraordinary times, and that change has impacted on our energy, our creativity and our levels of anxiety and inspiration. In this stream, we invite you to share your strategies for re-energising, for helping students (and staff) manage their loads, for re-focusing. How have you built your own resilience during this time of change? What have you learned about your practice? How have you been creative or helped others to feel strong and focussed?

Student success

Student success

Thriving and succeeding beyond 2020’s challenges: student success

Positioning students for future success won’t come from just talking about it. It’ll take going all hands in – and not being afraid to get them dirty in the process. This year, more than any other, we have been challenged to roll up our sleeves and adapt our learning and teaching practices to ensure student success in a rapidly changing world. We are required to prepare students for an uncertain post-COVID world, one where graduates will require resilience, drive and a growth mindset to positively impact the world around them.

2020 has delivered unprecedented challenges and opportunities to rethink and evolve our learning and teaching. This stream allows you to share your learning and teaching practices that position students for future success, because it’s not what we say that makes a difference, it’s what we do. These learning and teaching practices could include hands-on student experiences, workplace learning, collaborative learning opportunities, community, industry and professional partnerships and those designed to support students’ development of professional identity. As this stream is about what we do, you are also encouraged to share your creativity and challenges you encountered along the way, things that didn’t work so well and those that did.

Reimagining learning

Reimagining learning

Harnessing the lessons from 2020: reimagining learning at Charles Sturt

The future in higher education will build on the experiences and forced changes that emerged in 2020. Perhaps the biggest concern is if we simply return to ‘normal’ or should everyone just stay home? What are the possibilities? How do we utilise our creative problem solving and new experiences to shape the future? Whose voices do we need to listen to as we imagine what teaching and learning at Charles Sturt can be into the future?

Committee members

These staff members from the Divisions of Learning and Teaching and Student Services are integral to the organisation of this conference.

Steering Committee

  • Jacqueline Clements (Co-Chair)
  • Lucy Webster (Co-Chair)
  • Lachlan Kalache
  • Raegan Petzel
  • Kirsty Smith
  • Denise Wood

Lead Program Group

  • Denise Wood (Chair)
  • Karen Davison
  • Helen Hobbs
  • Narelle Patton
  • Harriet Ridolfo
  • Kirsty Smith

Operations Group

  • Raegan Petzel (Chair)
  • Sarah Boothey
  • Cheryl Boulton
  • Lachlan Kalache
  • Wendy Rowlands