Prescribed = essential

A prescribed text is considered essential, as the subject is planned around it. You should either purchase the prescribed text or have permanent access to it.

Recommended = not essential

A recommended text is exactly that, recommended but not considered essential.

Do I need to buy a textbook?

The Library purchases at least one copy of every prescribed textbook and aims to hold every 'recommended reading' book.

We purchase eBooks where possible but some restrictions may apply.

Remember that you’ll need the textbook through the session, and at exam time, as do other students in your class. If you're not sure if you should buy a textbook, check with your lecturer.

Where to buy new textbooks

One of the easiest ways to get textbooks is to buy them online. There are great textbook comparison sites where you can find the best deal. Try searching by the name and edition. Publisher websites may also offer textbooks for sale, often in eBook form.

Second hand or used textbooks

You can sell your used textbooks or buy second hand texts at a discounted price. Always check with your lecturer first if you find a second hand text with a previous edition (you may need the latest edition). List your unused textbooks or look to buy them for sale on bulletin boards around campus or online.

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