Establishing or Renewing an International Agreement

The Office of Global Engagement and Partnerships (OGEP) provides a range of services and expertise to support the University in the development and management of international programs and linkages.

These programs cover a diverse range of activities including transnational education delivery, student exchange and articulation programs.

The strategic direction that OGEP is pursuing in conjunction with the Faculties, for the international agreement portfolio is:

  • Alignment with strategy;
  • Selection of key strategic delivery partners
  • Focus on broadening engagement with key delivery partners, including multi-Faculty engagement and/or multi-level engagement (i.e. undergraduate/postgraduate/research/student or staff engagement)
  • Clarity of purpose for engagement
  • Reputational impact of engagement
  • Balanced risk

OGEP manages a portfolio of agreements which facilitate research, course delivery, cultural exchange, student and staff exchange and a diverse range of other education activities.

OGEP continues to work with the Faculties and Centres to review the list of agreements that Charles Sturt University has entered into, with the aim of ensuring that all institutional collaborations are active and align with Charles Sturt's stated strategies.

This continual process of review and development aims to ensure that active management of the agreement portfolio is undertaken.

Please note; it is the responsibility of the initiator to ensure appropriate Faculty/School consultation has occurred prior to submitting a request for International Agreement. Authority to approve a proposal resides with the PVC Global Engagement (Research and Partnerships).

OGEP is responsible for the preparation of agreements between Charles Sturt and international institutions. OGEP will seek Charles Sturt University Legal review and approvals before endorsement by the Vice-Chancellor and will communicate with you throughout the establishment of the agreement.

For information on establishing an international partnership with Charles Sturt University please contact OGEP via email