Reporting incidents and hazards

An incident is a near miss or actual event that results in, or could result in:

  • injury
  • illness
  • damage or loss.

You must report all incidents and hazards in the workplace within 24 hours of the event. Managers must investigate all incidents and hazards. Local areas must take action to prevent a recurrence and reduce risk.

You can report incidents online using Protecht. User guides and other helpful information is below.

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Report an incident, near miss or hazard

You must report all incidents and near misses. We can then help your supervisor investigate what has caused the incident, and prevent people from getting hurt.

Report sexual violence or sexual harassment

We treat all reports of sexual assault or sexual violence very seriously. Your report will be kept confidential and will be investigated. You don't have to include any identifying details unless you're comfortable doing so. Identifying details give us information to help you and stop others from getting hurt.

Report a hazard

By reporting any hazards you see, you're helping us keep everyone safe.

Investigate an incident, hazard or near miss

Supervisors are responsible to investigate what has caused an incident, hazard or near miss, and prevent people from getting hurt.

If someone you supervise is involved in an incident, hazard or near miss, you will be emailed a link to investigate the incident. Below are some tools to assist you with investigation of incidents online.

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Download the WHS-Incident-Entry-Guide.pdf PDF 551.3 KB

WHS Incident Entry Guide

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Download the WHS-Incident-Investigation-Guide.pdf PDF 241.4 KB

WHS Incident Investigation Guide

Download document

Work Health and Safety Incident Reporting and Investigation Procedure

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