Charles Sturt University
Charles Sturt University

Mission and Vision Statement


Our vision is to be recognised for the provision of premium services to the University.


Our mission is to foster a highly skilled and committed team, dedicated to providing effective service solutions to the University.

Our Commitment

Charles Sturt Campus Services Limited is committed to providing innovative solutions that align with the objectives of the University.

  • To develop our processes and business relationships built on open and honest communication, we strive to understand the needs and expectations of internal and external clients;
  • To seek continued improvement in process and efficiency;
  • To encourage commitment to work, health and safety management systems and practices for the health and safety of our workers, including employees, contractors and visitors;
  • To be flexible, dependable and responsive to the needs of the University.
  • To recognise the benefits in social values such as respect, tolerance and diversity.
  • To engage our workforce by consulting, listening, coaching, and skilling.
  • To acknowledge the company plays an important role in providing a positive experience for the university community.

Our Strategies

Charles Sturt Campus Services Limited will meet its service commitments by focusing on:

  1. Develop and aim to adhere to Service Level Agreements with the University in particular the Division of Facilities Management and Residential life. Establish forums to monitor and improve services.
  2. Identify human resource gaps, skills gaps, and integrate occupational coaching and improved industrial relations tools.
  3. The pursuit of continual improvement and efficiency; by benchmarking performance, seeking feedback, and innovation in service delivery
  4. Developing sleek administrative processes, policies and procedures that comply with University and government requirements, including timely and accurate reporting.
  5. Promoting and heightening awareness in relation to Quality Assurance and Environmental Sustainability.
  6. Develop, implement and maintain reputable health and safety management systems and practices by striving to integrate health and safety into all aspects of the business through monitoring, reporting and continuous improvement.

Our Motto

Each person entering their space, whether it be work, study, rest or play; at the very most we want them to recognise our contribution to their environment, and at the very least carry on oblivious to what we really do.