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This area has been created so that our valued clients can gain easy access to resources shared with Charles Sturt Campus Services.

If you require access or you have any suggestions for content that would be useful to you as a client we'd love to hear from you. Please just send us an email to or call us on 02 6933 4747.

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Work Instructions

Document Name Document NumberCurrent VersionLast Date of Review
Aerosol Paint Cans WI064 003 2021-05-17
Band Saw WI065 001 2019-01
Caroma H20 Urinals Maintenance WI068 WI068 0012019-05-30
Check Schedule & Sign off on Completions WI003 0032018-03-29
Clean Barbeques WI001 005 2019-07-09
Clean Ceilings and Cornices WI002 004 2019-07-09
Clean Clivus Multrum Toilets WI058 0042019-07-09
Clean Doors, Walls and Partitions WI004 0042019-07
Clean Fire Fighting Equipment WI005 0032019-07-09
Clean Fittings WI022 005 2019-07-10
Clean Floors, Stairs and Landings WI007 0042019-07
Clean Furniture to reach height WI008 0042019-07-10
Clean Glass and Mirrors - 1800mm WI009 0042019-07-09
Clean Graffiti off all Surfaces WI010 004 2019-07-08
Clean Mats as Required WI011 0042019-07-09
Clean Shower Curtains WI012 0042019-07-09
Clean Shower Recesses and Tapware etc WI013 0042019-07-08
Clean Spillage (Spot & Detail) WI014 0042019-07-08
Clean Surfaces, Cupboards and Drawers WI015 0042019-07-10
Clean Toilets, Basins and Urinals WI016 0042019-07-09
Clean Venetian Blinds WI017 0042019-07-09
Clean Vertical and Horizontal Surfaces to 1800mm WI018 0042019-07-08
Clean Window Coverings WI019 0042019-07-08
Clean Window Sills and Ledges to 1800mm WI020 0042019-07-08
Cleaning Cupboard Equipment and Requirements General WI060 0022014-06-24
Cleaning Drinking Fountains WI021 0042019-07-08
Cleaning of Glass WI023 0042019-07-10
Cleaning of Gymnasium WI024 0032019-07-09
Cleaning of Vomit WI025 0042019-07-10
Cleaning Room Specifications WI027 002 2018-01-15
Collection of Syringes and Needles WI054 0032019-07-11
Dealing with Sharps WI029 0052019-07-10
Detail Clean Exterior/ Interior White Goods and Kitchen Appliances WI030 0042019-07-10
Detail Clean Window Coverings WI031 0032019-07-08
Dust Air Conditioning and Return Vents WI061 0032016-02-10
Emptying Office Organic Bins WI032 0032016-02-10
Equipment Requirements for Cleaning Room Residences WI051 0022018-01-16
Gutters and Cleaning of Windows at Height WI033 003 2016-02-10
Hot Water Extraction of Carpet and furniture WI034 0032016-02-10
Hydraulic Lift WI069 0012019-06-07
Laundry Work Instructions WHS057 & Laundry work Instructions Questionnaire WHS053 WHS057
& WHS053
Loading and Unloading of Courier Vans WI066 0022019-02-07
Machine Buff to remove Scuff Marks WI035 003 2016-02-10
Machine Scrub WI036 003 2016-02-10
Machine User Guide: Cleanfix Scrubber WI067 001 2019-03-07
Maintain Exterior area adjacent to Entrances WI037 003 2016-02-10
Maintain Hard Floor Surfaces WI046 002 2016-02-10
Maintaining Bedrooms WI039 003 2016-02-10
Maintaining Janitorial Dispensers WI040 003 2016-02-10
Move Waste and Recyclables WI041 003 2016-02-10
Pest and Vermin Control WI043 005 2017-01-04
Preparation of Beverage Packs WI044 003 2016-02-10
Pressure Washing WI045 003 2016-02-10
Removing Bulkier Rubbish WI047 003 2016-02-10
Replace Portable Item WI048 003 2016-02-10 
Replenish Towels, Soap and Toilet Paper WI049 003 2016-02-10 
Report Accidents and Incidents WI062   
Report Maintenance Requirements WI050 0032016-02-10 
Sanitary Waste Disposal GuidelinesWI071V0012019-12-19
Spot Clean Exterior Surfaces White Goods and Appliances WI052 004 2019-07-10
Strip and Re-Seal Floors WI053 003 2019-07-10
Vacuum WI055 0052019-07-16
Vacuums - Troubleshooting GuideWI055A0012021-10-15
Waste Disposal WI056 004 2019-07-16
White Boards, Pin Boards and Artwork WI0570042019-07-16


SWMS Name Doc # Current Version Date of Last Review

Cleaning - General

WHS119 V002.2 2021-05-25

Driving Vehicles

WHS120 V003 2021-02-16

Tools Safety

WHS121 V004 2021-04-21

Elevated Work Platforms

WHS098 V005 2021-04-26

Graffiti Removal

WHS122 V004 2021-04-02

Hazardous Substances and Chemical Use

WHS124 V003 2021-04-27

High Pressure Water Cleaner

WHS125 V002.1 2021-04-22


WHS126 V002.1 2021-04-22

Loading and Unloading Vehicles

WHS127 V002.1 2021-04-22

Manual Handling

WHS128 V002.1 2021-04-22
Mowing - Trimming LawnsWHS132V001.12021-04-21

Wet and Dry Vacuum

WHS129 V003 2021-04-26

Window Cleaning - low level

WHS130 V002.1 2021-04-22

Working at Height

WHS131 V003 2021-04-27