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Recognition And Appreciation Program (RAAP)

At CSCS we are fortunate to have many wonderful and hard working team members! The RAAP awards have been created as one way to recognise and reward their valued contribution to our team.

How it Works

  1. Anyone can nominate a CSCS team member for a RAAP Award.
  2. To nominate a team member complete the form below and select one of the categories that most apply.
  3. Please only nominate one person per submission.
  4. The table below shows you the points that the person will gain towards the RAAP Award for each successful submission depending what category/attribute you select..
  5. Submissions are sent to the CSCS General Manager.
  6. At the end of the month points will be added up and one person per campus/area will be awarded a RAAP Award.
  7. At the end of the year one person overall  will be awarded the Annual RAAP Award winner for each Campus.

RAAP Award categories and points. Positive feedback - 2 points. Positive audit results - 2 points. Responsive to work requests & initiatives - 2 points. Positive attitude - 2 points. Above and beyond - 4 points

RAAP Awards Nomination Form

Ready to give someone a RAAP? Just fill out the details below and press submit!
Contact if you have any trouble with the submission or any questions.

Remember - you can only nominate one person using this form - if you want to nominate a whole team you will need to submit the nomination form for each person individually.

Your Details
Nominee Details
One person's name per submission (not a team)
One person's name per submission (not a team)
Which CSU Campus or location does the person work at?
What team category is the nominee part of?
Category / Attributes * What attributes have contributed to this nomination? Please select one category.