Learn more about the initiatives currently underway at the Global Digital Farm.

Farm Wide Wi-Fi

Farm wide connectivity is essential to advancing farming operations through the use of digital agriculture. This project is building antenna arrays that will enable tractors and other farming equipment to become long-range roving Wi-Fi devices.

Haystack Fire Prevention

Haystack fires occur without little warning and this initiative aims to identify the data that is most critical to understand haystack degradation, and how best to transmit that data using satellite technologies.

Water Leak Detection

On-farm water leaks are expensive and this initiative aims to reduce the time taken to detect a major leak to under 1 hour, and a minor leak to under 24 hours.

Clinical Mastitis Decision Support Tool

Mastitis is the number one health issue in dairy cows and this project will build a digital tool, the Clinical Mastitis Decision Support Tool, to help farmers and vets manage treatment.

Cool Soil Initiative

This project supports farmers to investigate innovative cropping practices that will improve soil health and reduce on-farm greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions without compromising productivity or profitability.

Enhancing Rice Provenance and Quality Prediction

Rice grains can crack during processing, reducing the amount and quality of product available to market. This project aims to reduce cracking during processing through development of a digital Product Quality and Prediction program.

Rangelands Carbon

Measuring soil carbon, and determining how much carbon should be retained, is a challenge which this project aims to address through development of data driven models that use biomass and vegetation measured via satellite imagery, as proxies for soil carbon.

TRAKKA - Making Data Flow

Livestock traceability is becoming an increasingly valuable asset with many auction houses providing a price premium for cattle with complete data records. This project aims to transform the red meat supply chain by developing a self-sustaining data sharing platform called TRAKKA to resolve the challenge of data control, compatibility and sharing.